Faculty Announcements

Dear Faculty,

Just a reminder that spring term Shopping Days will take place on January 23 - 24 (Thurs/Fri) and classes begin on Monday, January 27. To assist students to make informed decisions regarding course selections, it’s important that you work with your faculty assistant to do two things:

1) post your syllabus to the Course Listing as of December 16; and
2) classify your course using our new taxonomy (academic area; policy domains; issues/topics; and methods).

Faculty assistants have received training on how to support these two activities and have online documentation available to them on the Faculty Assistant website.

Please keep in mind that it’s very helpful if your syllabus provides a thorough description of your course. A syllabus template is available here.

If you wish to peruse the 1500+ teaching cases in the HKS Case Program Library, you can do so here.

Finally, the SLATE team remains ready to assist you with all aspects of course development and teaching. Please contact Carolyn_Wood@hks.harvard.edu to request assistance from SLATE.

Thanks for your attention to these matters.
Suzanne Cooper

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