Acting in Time Research Areas

The Acting in Time initiative is supporting a series of research projects examining the challenges facing governments, communities and nations as they seek to effectively confront significant oncoming public problems. Each research project is being led, or co-led, by a member of the Harvard Kennedy School faculty in collaboration with others at the Kennedy School, Harvard University, and other universities.

Acting in Time on Disaster Response and Recovery
This project looks at landscape scale disasters, focusing on two major elements of disaster management – response and recovery – to identify ways to better address these concerns.

The Structural Challenges Presented by Distant Risks
“JARing Actions” is an acronym for “Jeopardize Assets that are Remote” in time, distance, or probability. This group is using the “JARing Actions” methodological lens to look at earthquakes, floods, and fires.

How to Bridge the “Knowledge-action Gap” in Public Health
What are the most significant barriers to effective mobilization of science and technology for health? This project explores the effectiveness of different global institutional arrangements for closing the knowledge-action gap to improve health in developing countries.

The Looming Crisis in Long-term Health Care
This research team examines arrangements for ensuring and financing long-term health care in the United States. Among the elements of policy solutions this team is studying are changes to federal and state tax rules and expansion of the supply of informal care.

Acting in Time on Energy Policy
This project addresses major topics related to energy challenges facing the U.S. and makes recommendations to the U.S. government on tackling these problems in time to make a difference.

“[These problems] share a common feature…where the cost of acting sooner will be far lower than the cost of waiting until much later.”

—Harvard Kennedy School Dean David T. Ellwood

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