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Richard E. Neustadt & Thomas C. Schelling Awards

Neustadt and Schelling Awards

The Richard E. Neustadt and Thomas C. Schelling Awards for Public Policy, named after two of Harvard Kennedy School's founding faculty members, recognize individuals who have had a significant impact on public policy through scholarship or practice.

In 2013, Former Senators Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Sam Nunn (D-GA), who spearheaded bipartisan efforts in Congress to secure dangerous nuclear weapons and materials in the former Soviet Union, received the Richard E. Neustadt Award. Sara McLanahan, the William S. Tod Professor of sociology and public affairs at Princeton University, best known for her work on the impact of family structure on social inequality and the roles that public policies can play in addressing the needs of families and children, was presented with the Thomas C. Schelling Award.


Richard E. Neustadt Award

This $25,000 award is presented annually to an individual who has created powerful solutions to public problems, drawing on research and intellectual ideas as appropriate.

2013 Recipients: Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn

2012 Recipient: William "Bill" Drayton

2011 Recipient: Paul Volcker

2009 Recipient: Alice M. Rivlin

Thomas C. Schelling Award

This $25,000 award is presented annually to an individual whose remarkable intellectual work has had a transformative impact on public policy.

2013 Recipient: Sara McLanahan

2012 Recipient: Amartya Sen

2011 Recipient: Esther Duflo

Funding for these awards has been generously provided by the David Rubenstein Fund for Kennedy School Excellence.

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