Yemi Cardoso MC/MPA 2005

Yemi Cardoso MC/MPA 2005 has several years of banking experience with Chase, Citibank, and Citizens International Bank. In 1999 he was appointed to the cabinet as the first commissioner for economic planning and budget in Lagos, where he championed the reform process and created awareness of the challenges of managing the world sixth-largest megacity. He voluntarily relinquished his position in 2005 and returned to consulting on financial and developmental activities. Yemi has served on the boards of Chevron Oil plc, Citibank Nigeria, and EFINA (Enhanced Financial Innovation and Access), a DFID/Gates Foundation organization that promotes financial inclusion in the country. He is chair of Citibank and EFINA. Yemi facilitated the first HKS executive education program on the African continent, which led to the enactment of local laws for the establishment and development of a robust innovation architecture in Lagos.
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