Alumni Award Nominations

Description and Eligibility

Individuals must be nominated by HKS alumni, Harvard faculty, or Harvard staff members using the form below. The evaluation of each nomination will be based solely on the strength of the information included in the nomination along with supporting documentation. All information will be verified independently and phone interviews may be conducted. Awards will be presented at Reunion Weekend 2014.

To be eligible for consideration, the nominee must:

  • Have graduated more than six years ago (2014 nominees must have completed an HKS degree or executive program by June 2008)
  • Have played a leadership role in significant achievements that use innovative approaches to solve public problems
  • Have a work/volunteer history that exemplifies HKS values

Other considerations:

  • Achievements accomplished before a nominee attended HKS can be considered but emphasis should be on the impact of HKS on the nominee’s achievements.
  • Work history may include periods of employment in the private, public, or nonprofit sectors on a local, regional, national or international level. Volunteer work also is eligible for consideration
  • Nominations may be resubmitted from one year to the next

Employees of Harvard University and current HKS alumni board members are not eligible for nomination for Alumni Awards.

Please note: Do not begin filling out this form until you can complete it in its entirety as there is no way to save your work.

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