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Joseph Newhouse


Joseph P.Newhouse,

Dr. Newhouse is the John D. MacArthur Professor of Health Policyand Management at Harvard University, Director of the Division ofHealth Policy Research and Education, chair of the Committee onHigher Degrees in Health Policy, and Director of the InterfacultyInitiative in Health Policy.  He is a member of the facultiesof the Harvard Kennedy School, the Harvard Medical School, theHarvard School of Public Health, and the Faculty of Arts andSciences, as well as a Faculty Research Associate of the NationalBureau of Economic Research. He received B.A. and Ph.D. degrees inEconomics from Harvard University.  Following his Bachelorsdegree, he was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany.  Dr. Newhousespent the first twenty years of his career at RAND, where hedesigned and directed the RAND Health Insurance Experiment. From1981 to 1985 he was Head of the RAND Economics Department.

In 1981 he became the founding editor of the Journal ofHealth Economics, which he edited for 30 years.  He is acurrent member of the editorial board of the New EnglandJournal of Medicine and a past member of the editorial boardof the Journal of Economic Perspectives.  He waselected to the Institute of Medicine in 1977 and has served twoterms on its governing Council.  He has been elected a Fellowof the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  He is a pastPresident of the Association for Health Services Research (AHSR),now AcademyHealth, of the International Health EconomicsAssociation, and was the inaugural President of the AmericanSociety of Health Economists.  He is a member of theComptroller General’s Advisory Committee.  He has served asthe vice-chair of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, whichreviews Medicare payment policy and makes recommendations to theCongress.  This Commission resulted from the 1997 merger oftwo predecessor commissions, the Prospective Payment AssessmentCommission and the Physician Payment Review Commission. Newhouse chaired the former and served as a Commissioner on thelatter.  From 2007-2012 he served on the CBO Board of HealthAdvisers, from 2006-2012 on the Committee on National Statistics ofthe National Research Council, and from 2004-2012 on the Science,Technology, and Economic Policy board of the National ResearchCouncil.  He served as a regent of the National Library ofMedicine from 1999 to 2003.  He is a director of Aetna, AbtAssociates, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

In 2014 he won the Victor Fuchs Lifetime Achievement Award fromthe American Society of Health Economists.  He was the firstrecipient of the David N. Kershaw Award and Prize of theAssociation for Public Policy and Management in 1983, which honorspersons under 40 who have made a distinguished contribution to thefield of public policy analysis and management.  In 1988 hereceived the Baxter Health Services Research Prize for an unusuallysignificant contribution to the improved medical care of the publicthrough innovative health services research, as well as theAdministrator’s Citation from the Health Care FinancingAdministration.  He and his co-authors received Article of theYear Awards in 1989 from AHSR, in 2006 from both AcademyHealth andISPOR, and in 2014 from the National Institute for Health CareManagement. In 1992 he received AHSR’s Distinguished InvestigatorAward, and in 1995 the Hans Sigrist Foundation Prize fordistinguished scientific achievement, as well as the American Riskand Insurance Association’s Elizur Wright Award for Free forAll?.  In 2000 he and his co-authors received the firstZvi Griliches award for Are Medical Prices Declining? In 2001 and again in 2013 he and his co-authors won theKenneth J. Arrow Award for the best paper in health economics forHow Does Managed Care Do It? and The Oregon HealthInsurance Experiment; the latter also won the 2013 HSR ImpactAward from AcademyHealth.  In 2003 he won the Paul A.Samuelson Certificate of Excellence from TIAA-CREF for Pricingthe Priceless.  



  • SUP-957 Core Course in Health Policy I


  • SUP-958 Core Course in Health Policy II
  • SUP-572 The Economics of Health Care Policy

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