Joshua Goodman

Assistant Professor in Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School
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John F. Kennedy School of Government
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Joshua S. Goodman, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, teaches empirical methods and the economics of education. His research interests include labor and public economics, with a particular focus on education policy. His two main strands of research focus on the relationship between financial aid, college choice and degree completion; and the impact of various forms of math education on student achievement, educational attainment and earnings. Goodman received a BA in physics from Harvard University, an MPhil in education from Cambridge University, and a PhD in economics from Columbia University. Prior to starting his PhD, he was a public high school math teacher in Watertown, MA.



  • SUP-427 Analyzing Education Policy


  • SUP-150Y Seminar:Social and Urban Policy


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Selected Publication Citations:

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  • HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series
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