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Every generation faces the opportunity and the responsibility to meet the challenges of its era. The greatest problems confronting our world today—from nuclear proliferation and climate change to entrenched poverty and disease—are complex, interrelated and urgent. At the Harvard Kennedy School, we ask what we can do to solve them.
We strive to combine scholarly excellence with genuine impact by actively fostering the collaborative efforts of scholars, public officials, and others who are vitally concerned with the public good. With the most promising, passionate students, 15 research centers, and distinguished and experienced faculty representing various academic disciplines, the Harvard Kennedy School is a critical resource in addressing today’s most pressing issues.
Our work has helped reduce nuclear stockpiles, influenced sustainable development practices, brought needed attention to human rights abuses, strengthened relationships between business and government, launched the community policing approach to law enforcement, and much more.
The Harvard Kennedy School has also become the global leader in educating and empowering individuals committed to advancing the public interest. Across disciplines and sectors, our students gain critical skills for solving complex problems. They learn to think deeply and broadly about public service and the impact policies have on people, markets and institutions. And they experience the nexus of academic rigor and real-world relevance. Best of all, they leave prepared to create positive social change.
Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our alumni and friends, we are making a deep, meaningful and long-lasting contribution to each of these important arenas.
But there is much more work to be done. Please join us in supporting these critical endeavors.
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