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Special Reports on
the Battle for Business in North Carolina

BELOW ARE FOUR SPECIAL REPORTS that focus on areas of particular interest to the discussion of economic development and incentives in North Carolina. Each report draws together information from a wide variety of sources: official reports, legal briefs, newspaper articles, transcripts, and statistics. The reports begin with a brief narrative overview of the subject and conclude with a listing of "key links" that provide an easily-accessible reference.

Incentive Policy in North Carolina

The page sketches the evolution of North Carolina's approach to the use of economic development incentives at the state level. Included are links to the most current reports about state policy towards incentives, along with news articles reporting and commenting on recent developments.

The Maready Case

An unusual suit brought by citizen William F. Maready against his county cast into doubt the legality of the use of incentives to lure new business throughout the state. The suit came under appeal before the state's Supreme Court, making the issue of industrial recruitment among the most hotly-debated topics in the state.

The Art of the Deal

North Carolina Commerce officials fear the state is losing too many potential new industries and expansions to neighbors South Carolina and Virginia. This report provides a view into the day-to-day skirmishes on the frontlines of the war among the states.

Business and the Economy

North Carolina's economy has never been better, but how long can it stay that way? This page provides links to information crucial to an understanding of where the economy is right now and where it's headed.

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