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I. Pages

  • CASE HOME introduces the case, describes the situation facing the Governor, the task facing you as the Governor's advisor, and the structure of the case along with hints about finding information efficiently.

  • ROUNDTABLE gives you perspectives on state policy towards economic development incentives through the eyes of key figures in the debate.
    • Rick Carlisle, Economic Policy Advisor to the Governor
    • Gary Carlton, Director of Business and Industry Development, Department of Commerce
    • Daniel T. Blue, Jr. (D-Wake County), North Carolina House of Representatives
    • John Hood, President, The John Locke Foundation
    • The Editorial Page: Editorials and opinions about incentives from North Carolina's newspapers

  • BRIEFINGS provides information on the issues through four special reports, each with a short narrative followed by a section of key links:
    • Incentive Policy - a brief sketch of the evolution of state-level policy towards incentives with links to the reports of the Incentives Task Force and news articles.
    • The Maready Case - an outline of the history of the Maready case with links to principal and amici briefs, as well as reportage.
    • The Art of the Deal - a view through news articles into the projects that make up the daily business of industrial recruitment.
    • Business and the Economy - links to key sources of information about the economy of North Carolina and the state's business climate.

  • GUIDE, a site index with links to web-based resources and a reading list, is the page you're on now.

  • OUT-BOX provides an email link for comments and suggestions.

II. Documents

NOTE: The KSG Case Program appreciates the willingness of the office of the Economic Policy Advisor to the Governor, State of North Carolina, to make available the reports of the Economic Development Board Incentives Task Force for use in this case.

Reports of the Incentives Task Force, Economic Development Board

Final Report, March 4, 1996
Interim Report, November 8, 1995
Appendix D: A State-by-State Analysis of Estimated Incentive Packages and Taxes

The Maready Case: Legal Briefs

NOTE: The briefs assembled for this case have been abridged to focus on those sections addressing policy issues beyond the constitutional challenge posed by the case.

The Kennedy School of Government's Case Program appreciates the efforts made by Mr. Maready, the Attorney General of North Carolina, and the amici curiæ to supply documents for this case.

Principal Briefs
William F. Maready, Plaintiff-Appellee Brief
State of North Carolina, Defendor-Intervenor-Appellant Brief

Amici Curiæ
In support of Maready
John Locke Foundation, Inc.
A joint brief of Maurice and Jane Sugar Law Center For Economic and Social Justice, Corporation For Enterprise Development, Calumet Project, Share the Wealth, Federation for Industrial Retention and Renewal, and Grassroots Policy Project
In support of the State
The North Carolina Economic Developers Association and Others

The Decision of the Court
The Supreme Court's Decision, March 8, 1996 (via NandoNet)

III. News

The publications below have generously agreed to make articles available for use with this case. See Web Resources below for the publications' homepages.

The Business Journal, Charlotte, N.C.
The Charlotte Observer
Greensboro News & Record
News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C.

Click here for a chronological list of articles used in the case.

Web Resources

MPR Symposium on The Economic War Among the States

This case study was first used as part of "The Economic War Among the States: A Symposium for National Discussion". Minnesota Public Radio's Civic Journalism Initiative organized the symposium, which took place in Washington, D.C., in May, 1996, and simultaneously mounted a broad effort aimed at providing the public with educational resources about the use of economic development incentives at the state and local level throughout the country.

Through the web site MPR Online, the Civic Journalism Initiative continues to maintain an array of links to background materials assembled in preparation for the symposium as well as records of the event's proceedings. These include:
The home page of "The Economic War Among the States: A Symposium for National Discussion".

Introduction to the Issue
Offers several papers that cover both economic and legal perspectives on the issue, including an essay published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in 1995 which introduced the issue to many government and financial leaders.

Public Radio Broadcasts
Broadcasts about the issue aired on two nationally-heard public radio programs. Marketplace broadcast a series of three reports the week of April 8, 1996. Talk of the Nation broadcast live during the conference May 22, 1996 with a national call-in program. Broadcast transcripts and audio files of the Marketplace series are available along with links to the Talk of the Nation audio site.

Conference Overview
A conference in Washington, D.C. in late May pulled together over 60 national experts from business, labor, government and academia. They identified six major policy questions for national discussion.

North Carolina and the Southeast

North Carolina Newspapers on the Web from NewsLink


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