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Former Carr Center Research Associates & Interns

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Please Note: This is not a complete listing of all former Carr Center interns & reseach associates.

AY 2010-11:

Laura Felpo Laura Felpo was a Research Associate with the Human Rights and Social Movements Program. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA in History and International Studies from the State University of New York at Cortland in 2009. As an undergraduate, Felpo was a member of the International Awareness Club in which she worked with other student activists to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur. Felpo has a strong interest in genocide prevention and in providing access to basic human rights for all. She also served as a mentor to international students. Her honor's senior thesis, entitled “Race, Class and Neoliberalism in Post-Katrina New Orleans,” is a forthcoming publication in the SUNY Cortland Memorial Library.

Mike McCarrick Mike McCarrick was a Research Associate for the State Building and Human Rights program. Prior to joining the State Building Program, Mike worked for the Carr Center's National Security and Human Rights Program. He holds a B.A. in Political Science with a focus on Political Theory, from Stonehill College. His professional and research interests include terrorism, ethno-sectarian conflict, human rights, and energy security.

Git Nahmens Git Nahmens graduated with honors from Boston University with a double-major in International Relations and Political Science and a minor in Anthropology. She has been working with the Carr Center since her graduation in May 2009. As the Latin American Project Assistant she is responsible for aiding Dr. Vivas with research and administrative functions that come up as the Initiative develops. Git has been accepted into the Conflict Resolution Certificate Program at UMass Boston were she hopes to expand her knowledge, and to better apply it to her current research with the Latin American Initiative.

Matilda Mutanguha Matilda Mutanguha was a Research Associate with the Program on Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery. Ms. Mutanguha is a recent graduate of Suffolk University Law School. She received her undergraduate degree from Salve Regina University where she was recognized as a woman of courage and wisdom for her work with genocide widows and orphans in her home country Rwanda. Ms. Mutanguha spent her summer before college reporting on the plight of women in post-genocide Rwanda in furtherance of her role as a Gender, Legal, and Human Rights journalist for Rwanda's English newspaper, The New Times. She dealt with immigration and family law issues as a Massachusetts Bar Foundation Legal Intern Fellow and was the recipient of the National Association of Women Judges Ruth I. Abrams Scholarship in recognition of her work in trying to address the adversities that women face in the legal profession. Ms. Mutanguha is passionate about human rights and after interning at the Office of the Prosecutor within the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, she became particularly interested in the rehabilitation of post-conflict judicial systems.

Summer 2010:

Sarah Bouchat Sarah Bouchat - Sarah Bouchat was a summer intern for the Human Rights and Social Movements Program. She earned an A.B. in International Studies with a focus in Human Rights from the University of Chicago in 2008. As an undergraduate, Sarah engaged in diversity initiatives integrating both the LGBTQ and of-color communities, as well as in campus activism for the Feminist Majority, Free Burma Project, and Amnesty International. After graduation, Sarah worked as a Litigation Assistant with Korein Tillery in Chicago and served as the Illinois Area Coordinator for Amnesty International USA. Sarah's professional and research interests include the intersections of Asian Pacific American histories with human rights, gendered experience, and transnational migration. She will be a Master of Public Policy student at the Kennedy School beginning in Fall 2009.

Romel Cadet Romel Cadet - Romel Cadet earned his BA from the University of Florida in 2008 in political science with a focus on international politics and institutions. He recently began graduate studies at Boston University concentrating in international relations with a focus on political economy and security studies. Romel has research interests in international development, international law, multinational institutions, and human and minority rights.

Tiffany Chen Tiffany Chen - Tiffany Chen is a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston and is currently studying Exercise and Health Science. She is student advocate for human rights and raises awareness on human trafficking and exploitation. As a student activist, Tiffany has coordinated several events to raise awareness, network, and increase academic engagement on the subject of Human Trafficking with her Boston based student group, Human Trafficking Students. She has a strong interest in relating together human rights, mental health, sexual violence, and medical ethics, and hopes to become a nurse in developing countries.

Cecily Harris Cecily Harris - Cecily Harris was a summer intern at the Carr Center. During the school year, she studies History and Spanish at the University of Pennsylvania, where she will be a senior in the fall. Cecily has most frequently been drawn to classes on the history of developing nations. These courses have introduced Cecily to many human rights catastrophes and have sparked her passion in the issue. Her other main areas of study are Latin culture and the Spanish language. Cecily’s interest in these two subjects developed during her semester spent studying in Madrid. Cecily is looking forward to working with and learning from the Center faculty and staff this summer.

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