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Tueni Fellow Rima Merhi:
Papers, Articles, and more: 2009-2010


  • October 17: Sharq Awsat, Carr Center Fellow Rima Merhi addresses questions that lie at the heart of deteriorating Lebanese-Palestinian relations in “The Truth, Not Antiques, is Buried in Nahr al Bared.”

  • October 29: Christian Science Monitor, Carr center fellow Rima Merhi discusses why Washington needs a different lens to Hezbollah.

  • November 5: Middle East Online, Carr center fellow Rima Merhi discusses why Washington needs a different lens to see Lebanon and Hezbollah in “US should Make a U-turn on its Approach to Hezbollah.”

  • December 12: Annahar, Nahar al-shabab, Center Fellow Rima Merhi writes “A journey with Gibran to bring expatriates back home,” a tribute to Gibran Tueni, who was assasinated 12 December 2005.

  • March 3: The Huffington Post, Carr Center Fellow Rima Merhi urges moving beyond the “futile argument” with Weatherhead Fellow Martin Kramer, to focus on the real issues that need to be addressed by Harvard.

  • May 8: Boston Globe, with this article on the ailment of sectarianism in the Arab world, Carr Center Fellow Rima Merhi reminds the world of Gibran’s famous words when he called for unity between Muslims and Christians.

  • May 27: The Harvard Crimson, Gebran Tueni Fellow Rima Merhi highlights the challenges faced by the Druze community in modern times, and urges Harvard to develop a minorities program in the near future.

Policy Papers:

  • “Prospects for Democracy in the Middle East” – Group paper in collaboration with the German Council of Foreign Relations and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Institute.

  • The Fate of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon” – Presented at the German Council of Foreign Relations in Turkey in March 2010.

Book Chapter:

  • “On the Road between East and West.”

    Edited by the senior writer for the President of Harvard. This chapter will be part of a memoir Rima began as a G. Tueni fellow at Harvard.


  • Arabic Hour interview on domestic policies in Lebanon and Palestinian refugees.   View Video

International Conferences:

  • June 2010: New York, Annual Peace & Security Summit.
    Invited to speak on a panel addressing regional cooperation in the Middle East. The summit, organized by the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and National Defense University in Washington, will bring together 400 leading policymakers, diplomats, senior officials and experts from across the globe.

  • March 2010: Turkey: International conference organized by the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin on “Democratization and Security in the Middle East.”
    Presented a paper on the plight of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, urging the international community to move beyond a security lens.

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