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Building a Strategy for Human Rights Education in U.S. Schools

Main Purposes of the Conference:

  • To gather educators, civil society organizations and policymakers engaged in human rights education in order to develop collaborative efforts to promote human rights in the U.S. schooling system.
  • To initiate a U.S. HRE Network to serve as an ongoing platform for institutional coordination and collaboration to promote human rights education in the formal and non formal sectors within the United States.

Proposed Panels and Events:

Friday evening

  • Welcome and Overview of the purpose of the conference
  • Keynote, with reference to international trends and benchmarks in HRE (e.g., UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training, World Programme on HRE, HRE Program Guidelines, regional and national HRE networks).

Saturday morning

  • SWOT analysis exercise of human rights/HRE in U.S. schools
  • Identification of key strategies

Saturday afternoon 

  • Initial planning for key strategies
  • Presentation: Models and roles of different kinds of educational networks
  • U.S. HRE Network – discussion of its form, function(s), coordination/governance, communication platform

Conclusion of conference: 4:30 p.m.       Saturday evening - Optional cultural event 

Co-sponsors: Civic and Moral Education Initiative, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Kennedy School of Government; Human Rights Education Associates (HREA); National Education Association (NEA) and the University of San Francisco's School of Education.

To Attend: Space is Limited & Registration is Required

Limited slots remaining will be granted on a case by case basis for Kennedy School students only. HKS students may email to request one of the remaining spaces.

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