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Spring 2012, Details

Meeting 4

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Follow-Up Materials:

More about the presenter, James Wescoat:

James Wescoat is a landscape historian of Mughal gardens in South Asia, an environmental geographer focusing on water management and policy, and a conservationist who has worked on Indo-Islamic sites in India and Pakistan. His research has concentrated on water systems in South Asia and the US from the site to river basin scales. Professor Wescoat has organized recent conferences on Rethinking Water: A Critical Resource at MIT (2010); and Disaster-Resilient Design with the National Academies Disaster Roundtable and National Academy of Environmental Design in Washington DC (2010).

His publications include: Sources, Places, Representations, Prospects, and The Mughal Garden: Interpretation, Conservation, and Implications; Water for Life: Water Management and Environmental Policy with geographer Gilbert F. White; Political Economies of Landscape Change: Places of Integrative Power.

Additional information can be found at these MIT web sites:

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