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Name Name Christina Bain is an Affiliate of the Human Rights and Social Movements Program, and Program Administrator for the Carr Center Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Prior to her time at the Harvard Kennedy School, Bain was appointed Executive Director of the Massachusetts Governor's Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence, a statewide commission of over 340 public and private sector partners. She previously served as Public Affairs Liaison to Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, where she worked on domestic violence and criminal justice issues, including human trafficking and sex offender management. Since 2006, she has been a member of the Massachusetts Human Trafficking Task Force, one of the 42 statewide anti-trafficking task forces funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. Bain also served as a Special Assistant to former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift. At the Carr Center, she and Dr. McCarthy co-chair the Regional Working Group on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

Name Name Siddharth Kara is an Affiliate of the Human Rights and Social Movements Program and a Fellow with the Carr Center Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Kara is also the author of the award-winning book, "Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery," the first of three books he is writing on the subjects of human trafficking and contemporary slavery. “Sex Trafficking” was named co-winner of the prestigious 2010 Frederick Douglass Award at Yale University for the best non-fiction book on slavery. The Award is generally regarded as the top prize in the field of slavery scholarship, and Kara's is the first book on modern slavery to receive the award.

Kara first encountered the horrors of slavery in a Bosnian refugee camp in 1995. Subsequently, he has traveled to twenty countries across six continents to research these crimes, interviewing over one thousand former and current slaves of all kinds, witnessing firsthand the sale of humans into slavery, and confronting some of those who trafficked and exploited them.

Kara currently advises the United Nations, the U.S. Government, and several other governments on antislavery research, policy and law. In addition to several nonprofit board positions, Kara serves on the committee founded by Kirk Douglas that is lobbying the US Congress to provide an official apology for pre-bellum slavery. In 2009, he was selected as a Fellow for the acclaimed TED India conference. Kara has also written an award winning feature film screenplay on human trafficking set for production in 2011. Kara's ongoing research into slavery around the world has been covered regularly by CNN.

Previously, Kara was an investment banker at Merrill Lynch, then ran his own finance and M&A consulting firm. He holds a Law degree from England, MBA from Columbia University, and BA from Duke University.
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