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Afghan Student Initiative

Creating an opportunity for Afghan students across Greater Boston to
connect and stimulate debate, thought, and active participation in
matters relating to Afghanistan.

Current Projects

School Supply Drive

ASI is in the process of organizing a School Supply Drive in collaboration with different schools and universities. The School supplies are going to be shipped to seven local nonprofit organizations that run schools in remote areas of the country.

How can you get involved?

If you live around Boston and would like to organize a School Supply Drive in your area, community, school, and/or college, please contact me at We want to raise as many supplies as we can. Below is a list of items that are our priority but is not limited to:

Every student will need the following NEW items:

1. new Backpack-Fabric (not plastic)
2. 50 or more lined 3x5-inch cards
3. 2 packages or number 2 Pencils with erasers
4. 1 larger eraser
5. 1 small Pencil sharpeer
6. 1 box of colored pencils
7. 1 box of crayons
8. 1 pair of blunt end scissors
9. 1 x 12-inch Rule with metric markings
10. 1 New Zealand Pencil Bag
11. string (small ball)
12. composition book for writing activities (lined)

Every teacher will need the following NEW items:

1. 100 large pieces of paper approx 18x24 inch for classroom word lists
2. Markers to write the word lists so that children can see them clearly
3. A large ball of string for students' vocabulary cards and their self-made books
4. A hole puncher
5. Scissors
6. Thumb tacks or adhesive tape
7. Classroom wall-mount pencil sharpener
8. 500 sheets construction paper, 17x11-inch, for each child for the cover of the six books
9. 8.5 x 11-inch paper for duplications of student and classroom evaluation charts

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