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 Spring 2011

 Fall 2011

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       The Gender & Security Seminar Series

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Suggested Reading

Anderlini, Sanam Naraghi. Women Building Peace, What They Do, Why It Matters, Boulder, Colorado Lynne Rienner, 2007.

Bannon, Ian, and Maria C. Correia. The Other Half of Gender: Men’s Issues in Development. Washington, DC : World Bank, 2006.

Cockburn, Cynthia. Publications and ongoing research available at

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“What is Your Research Program? Some Feminist Answers to International Relations Methodological Questions.” International Studies Quarterly 49 (1):1-21.

United Nations Inter-Agency Standing Committee. Women, Girls, Boys and Men. Different Needs, Equal Opportunities: A Gender Handbook for Humanitarian Action. New York. December 2006. See also their excellent, free online training.

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