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   The Latin American Initiative


Initiative Director, Leonardo Vivas Leonardo Vivas, is a Fellow the Carr Center and coordinates the Latin American Initiative. He is a sociologist from Central University in Venezuela, with an M.Phil from University of Sussex, UK, and a Ph.D from Nanterre Université in Paris. He currently teaches Latin American Politics at UMass-Lowell. He founded and for several years has led Latin Roots, an organization devoted to Latino Culture and Education in Massachusetts. Leonardo has been a fellow and associate researcher at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. At Tufts University he taught a course about the Chavez Era in Venezuela. In Venezuela he was Director of Industry in the Development Ministry and founder of several nonprofit organizations.

Professor Vivas has published two books about Venezuela's political crises and co-edited another about grass roots management. He writes for the media both in the Boston area and in Venezuela. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

Professor Halbert Jones Professor Halbert Jones is a Senior Fellow at the DRCLAS, He is a coordinator of the Center's Mexico and Central America Program. His research has focused on twentiethcentury Mexican political history, including the impact of World War II and the Cold War on the course of the country's development. A former resident of Adams House, where he is currently a non-resident tutor, Dr. Jones received a Certificate in Latin American Studies from DRCLAS as an undergraduate, and he was a graduate student associate of the Center in 2005-2006. Outside of Cambridge, Hal has served as a speechwriter for Nobel laureate Oscar Arias at the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress in San Josť, Costa Rica, and he has worked as a historian in the Office of the Historian of the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

Steven Levitsky Professor Steven Levitsky is the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of social sciences, government and a member of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. He will be helping out with this effort in its Carr Center headquarters. Among his many publications, Prof. Levitsky has authored three books on Latin America with a specific focus on the southern cone. His research has been focused on political parties and party change, informal constitutions, organizations and political regimes and regime change. He has also been an Visiting Fellow at the Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) in Argentina and has published several articles in Latin American sources such as “Retorno al Desierto: El Persistente Fracaso de la Derecha Peruana.” (La Republica (Peru) Sunday Magazine, 15 April 2001.) Prof. Levitsky's classes focus on a comparative perspective of Latin American Regimes both current and past. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

Bonny Docherty Bonny Docherty is a Lecturer at the Harvard School of Law. She is currently teaching the clinical seminar “Humanitarian Protection in Situations of Armed Conflict.” After graduating from Harvard Law School, Ms. Docherty spent five years at Human Rights Watch working on projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Darfur. One of her most impressive publications for HRW was “Off Target: The Conduct of the War and Civilian Casualties in Iraq,” were she examined the extent of collateral damage caused by American military methods. She will help with the Human Rights Clinic for interns. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

Felisa Lynn Tibbitts Felisa Lynn Tibbittsis the Founder and Senior Advisor of Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) which she directed from 1999-2010. She is also Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Visiting Professor at the UN University for Peace. Her professional career has been devoted to supporting educational activities that promote a culture of human rights and prevent human rights abuses. Since 1992, she has worked with numerous government and international agencies in developing curriculum and policies that support the integration of human rights into teaching and training. These organizations include the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, OSCE, the Council of Europe, the Organization of American States and numerous non-governmental organizations, such as Amnesty International. She has engaged in adult trainings in over 20 countries and has published articles, book chapters, and manuals addressing such topics as HRE in schools and the empowerment model of HRE. She received her A.B. from Harvard College, her M.P.P. from the Kennedy School of Government and her Ed.M./Certificate of Advanced Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

Git Nahmens Git Nahmens graduated with honors from Boston University with a double-major in International Relations and Political Science and a minor in Anthropology. She has been working with the Carr Center since her graduation in May 2009. As the Latin American Project Assistant she is responsible for aiding Dr. Vivas with research and administrative functions that come up as the Initiative develops. Git has been accepted into the Conflict Resolution Certificate Program at UMass Boston were she hopes to expand her knowledge, and to better apply it to her current research with the Latin American Initiative. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

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