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Guila Kessous Guila Clara Kessous leads the Carr Center's Initiative in Theater and Human Rights. She is the recipient of the State Diploma of Performing Arts among other awards, Kessous acted, directed and produced in major theatres in the US and Europe. She conceives drama as a socially conscious reflection pervading multiple aspects of society and culture. Her approach to theater as a cultural marker is multifaceted. She received a PhD in ethics and aesthetics under the mentorship of E. Wiesel, an MBA in cultural business, and a cross-disciplinary MA in comparative dramaturgy, cinema, and pedagogy. She has taught at Harvard, Boston University, the Sorbonne, and the Wiesel Institute. Her sponsors include UNESCO (director, "Hilda"), the UN (director, "Tribute to Human Rights"), and the CNRS among others. She has collaborated with artists including John Malkovich, James Taylor, Marissa Berenson, Daniel Mesguich, and Theodore Bikel.

In 2010, she partnered with the United Nations on the theme "Theater and Human Rights" and was awarded the "Chevalier Arts et Lettres" from the French Minister of Culture. In 2011, UNESCO named her an "Artist for Peace" giving her the opportunity to collaborate directly with francophone countries spanning three different continents on the Mediterranean project. [[ Dynamic data was lost here ]]

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