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Event Details:

“Film: The Selling of Innocents; an Emmy Award-winning documentary by Ruchira Gupta.”
Saturday, December 4, 2010
11:00 - 1:00 pm
The Brattle Theatre,Cambridge, MA

Click to view video coverage of the post-film panel discussion.

The Program on Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery


Film Photo

The Film
“The Selling of Innocents”
by Ruchira Gupta
(at the Brattle Theatre)

folowed by

A Panel Discussion
(at the Harvard Kennedy School)


Ruchira Gupta
Documentary creator and Founder, President of Apne Aap Women Worldwide


Siddharth Kara
Author, trafficking activist, and Carr Center Fellow


Wendy Macias Konstantopoulos, MD
Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Division of Global Health and Human Rights,
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

with a special introduction by

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney
Representative, 14th District, New York

Film showing, 11:00 AM at the Brattle Theatre. (*Tickets Required)
Followed by a discussion at noon in the Malkin Penthouse (**HKS campus, Littauer Building, floor 5).

*Please Note: Tickets are required for admission to the film. No tickets are
requred to attend the panel discussion. Tickets can be purchased online at:

**Access to Post-film Discussion: The post-film discussion will be held in the Littauer Building on the Harvard Kennedy School campus. Because it is a weekend, access to the Littauer Building is available only though the its rear, courtyard-facing, Eliot Street, entrance. All other doors will be locked. A greeter will be on hand at the courtyard entrance to direct visitors to the Malkin Penthouse.

About the Film:

Globally one million children are exploited by the commercial sex trade each year. Film reaches the soul and creates lasting empathy.

"The Selling of Innocents" is a documentary exposing the trafficking in young women and children from the villages of Nepal to the brothels of Mumbai. The camera pans the hovels in the red-light area where these women service clients to earn money to support their families in Nepal. It is a sordid tale, told with rare feeling and sensitivity. Selling of Innocents wastes no time on gimmicks. It goes straight to the heart of the matter by showing the pain and the horror of the innocent victims of a system which has long been there. Winner of the 1997 Emmy in News and Journalism. Shown on Cinemax and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

This film screening at the Brattle Theatre (40 Brattle St. Camb, MA). The screening is part of the Human Rights and Sex Trafficking Film Forum, 2010.

The Panelists:

Ruchira Gupta, Founder President of Apne Aap Women Worldwide has worked for 25 years for women's and girls' rights, especially the ending of their sex trafficking. She founded Apne Aap in 2002 - a grassroots organization working on the issue of human trafficking and women's rights. Today Apne Aap impacts the lives and livelihoods of thousands of women and children.    Siddharth Kara, is a Fellow with the Carr Center Program on Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery,and an Affiliate of the Human Rights and Social Movements Program. He is also the author of "Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery," the first of three books he is writing on the subjects of human trafficking and contemporary slavery. Kara first encountered the horrors of slavery in a Bosnian refugee camp in 1995. Subsequently, he traveled to fourteen countries across four continents to research these crimes, interviewing over four hundred slaves, witnessing firsthand the sale of humans into slavery, and confronting those who trafficked and exploited them. His book Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, provides a rare business and economic analysis of the global sex trafficking industry, and recommends legal and tactical measures to help abolish slavery once and for all.

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