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Data Analysis

Data analysis is a tricky endeavor, especially for those coming from disciplines outside of statistics and applied mathematics. However, with adequate standards and a basis for understanding the fundamental elements of data analysis, the human rights community can hold itself to rigorous and respectable standards.

The human rights community can uphold rigorous standards by:

  • Accurately identifying the size and scope of the problem area, whether beginning with problem definitions (such as trafficking, police violence) or beginning with the issue of specific rights transgressions.

  • Standardizing definitions of various terms, problem areas, and analytical frameworks.

  • Holding all human rights organizations to the same scientific standards.

  • Continually educating advocates and practitioners about the data gathering and analysis process.

Bringing rigorous data analysis into the human rights community may involve some creativity. Through conferences, the Measurement & Human Rights Program has facilitatied discussions of innovative ways of collecting data and triangulating information.

The Measurement & Human Rights Program seeks to fill the empty niche of an impartial, academic institution that can set data analysis standards and facilitate their implementation.

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