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Expert meeting
on Methodological Issues of Qualitative
and Quantitative Tools for Measuring Compliance with
the Right to Development


Biographies of Participants:


Mr. Raymond Atuguba
Mr. Atuguba is a Lecturer in Law at the Law Faculty and Business School in the University of Ghana. Also a co-founder and Acting Executive Director of the Legal Resources Centre (LRC), a human rights and development organization, Mr. Atuguba earned his Doctorate from Harvard Law School and has conducted extensive research on the politics and economics of development.


Mr. Leonardo Castilho

Mr. Leonardo Castilho is Human Rights Officer, OHCHR Office in Guatemala


Ms. Nancy Chau
Ms. Chau is an Associate Professor at Cornell University. Her areas of expertise include international trade, regional economics and development economics. Ms. Chau’s recent research focuses on index measurement of trade restrictiveness that accounts for second-best argumentation of trade policies, market-based approaches to foster labor and environmental standards via international trade, and the impact of direct farm payments and import barriers on export promotion.


Mr. Fantu Cheru
Mr. Cheru is Professor Emeritus and Research Director at the Nordic Africa Institute and former Professor of African and Development Studies in American University. His areas of expertise include poverty eradication strategy planning, policy analysis and development management, and urban and rural development. Mr. Cheru has been a Member of the UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Panel on Mobilizing International Support for the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) and UN Special Rapporteur on Foreign Debt and Structural Adjustment Programs.


Ms. Marta Foresti
Ms. Foresti is currently at the Overseas Development Institute and manages its programme Rights in Action, a multi-disciplinary team working on human rights, poverty reduction and humanitarian assistance. Ms. Foresti has a particular interest in the methodological dimensions of development and human rights research. Before joining the Overseas Development Institute in January 2006, Ms. Foresti worked as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Development Policy of the Italian Treasury and was the former Head of the Learning and Impact Assessment team at Save the Children UK.


Ms. Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
Ms. Fukuda-Parr is a development economist and Professor of International Affairs at the New School, New York. From 1995 to 2004, she was lead author and director of the UNDP Human Development Reports. A Japanese national, Ms. Fukuda-Parr received her BA from Cambridge University (UK), MALD from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (USA), and MA from the University of Sussex (UK). Ms. Fukuda-Parr currently works on human rights and poverty, conflict prevention, and global technology.


Mr. Varun Gauri
Mr. Gauri is a Senior Economist in the Development Research Group of the World Bank. His research focuses on politics and governance in the social sectors, and aims to combine quantitative and qualitative methods in economics and social science research. Mr. Gauri has published widely in development journals and since joining the World Bank in 1996, he has also worked on and led a variety of operational and analytic tasks, including project and program evaluations, investments in privately owned hospitals, health care decentralization, and public expenditure reviews.


Mr. Mumtaz Keklik
Mr. Keklik is an economist and currently Adjunct Professor of International Economics at the University of Utah. His areas of expertise include development economics, international economics and macroeconomics and has worked for several years for UNDP on projects on international trade and macroeconomic policies for poverty eradication and gender equality, poverty monitoring and impact assessments. Mr. Keklik was a key officer for the UNDP Global Project on Trade and Sustainable Human Development.


Mr. David Luke
Mr. Luke is Senior Adviser and Coordinator of the Trade and Human Development Unit of UNDP in Geneva. Before joining UNDP in 2001, Mr. Luke worked with UNECA and the OAU and also held teaching positions at Dalhousie University, Canada and the Institute of Development Policy and Management at Manchester University, UK.


Mr. Rajeev Malhotra
Mr. Malhotra is an Additional Economic Adviser at the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance of India. His extensive experience as a development economist includes working for the Government of India at different levels of responsibility and for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. In the latter function, he led the office research on development indicators for use in human rights assessments and monitoring methodology.


Mr. Craig Mokhiber

Mr. Craig Mokhiber is Deputy Director, New York Office, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)


Mr. Siddiqur Osmani
Mr. Osmani is a Professor of Development Economics at the University of Ulster, United Kingdom, and previously worked at the World Institute for Development Economics Research in Helsinki and at the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Dhaka. Mr. Osmani’s research interests include poverty, inequality, hunger, famine, nutrition, and development problems in general.


Mr. Thomas Pogge
Mr. Pogge is Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University and Research Director at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo. Mr. Pogge received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Journal, Ethics & International Affairs, and is an Ethics and Debt Project participant. Mr. Pogge has written extensively on political philosophy and, more recently, on extreme poverty.


Mr. Nicolaas Schrijver
Mr. Schrijver is member of the High Level Task Force on the Right to Development of the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on the Right to Development and Professor of International Law at Leiden University. Mr. Schrijver is also the former Chair of the Board of Directors of the Academic Council on the United Nations System, Co-General Editor of the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law, and Chairman of the International Law Association's Committee on Sustainable Development.


Mr. Arjun Sengupta
Mr. Sengupta is currently the Chairperson-Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on the Right to Development, and a Member of Parliament of India. Mr. Sengupta has held numerous senior positions for the Government of India, academic institutions and international organizations, including Executive Director of the IMF, Indian Ambassador to the European Union, and UN Independent Expert on the Right to Development and UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty.


Mr Olmedo J. Varela
Mr. Varela possesses extensive experience as an independent senior advisor in the field of sustainable development planning and evaluation for various UN agencies in the Latin American Region and for the President’s Social Cabinet in the Republic of Panama. Mr. Varela also teaches at Florida State University’s Graduate International Program in Urban and Regional Planning located at the City of Knowledge in the Republic of Panama.


Mr. Swarnim Waglé
Mr. Waglé is an economist and possesses extensive experience as a consultant in the area of trade and investment for UNPD, the World Bank and the Government of Nepal. Mr. Waglé obtained a Master in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard Kennedy School of Government and has published numerous articles on trade and development.


Conference Organizers


Mr. Ayuush Bat-Erdene

Mr. Ayuush Bat-Erdene is Human Rights Officer, the Right to Development Unit, the Development and Economic and Social Issues Branch, the Research and Right to Development Division, OHCHR, Geneva


Mr. Stephen Marks
Mr. Marks is the Chairperson-Rapporteur of the High Level Task Force on the Implementation of the Right to Development of the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on the Right to Development. Mr. Marks is also Professor of Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health and his recent research has focused, inter alia, on integrating human rights into sustainable human development.


Mr. Andrea Rossi
Mr. Rossi is the Director of the Measurement and Human Rights Program at the Kennedy School of Government in the Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy, Harvard University. Mr. Rossi is an economist with a particular focus on development and applied research and in the past has previously worked for an NGO, UNICEF and the International Labour Organization East Africa Office.