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MHR Publications

The Measurement & Human Rights Program continues to solicit, sponsor, and advise publications.

We hope you will find these project reports, working papers, and case studies inspiring and welcome your input. Most of the content is available for easy reading here on the web and also in printable PDF format.

We are eager to collect additional examples; please do send them to us so that we may post them on our website.

MHR Issue Papers

Quick dissemination pieces intended to stimulate policy discussion on evidence-based policy and programming to the realm of human rights policy.

Full reports

Measurement and Human Rights: Tracking Progress, Assessing Impact Report 2005
(A Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Project Report, Summer 2005).

Following our successful conference, “Measuring Impact in Human Rights: How Far Have We Come, and How Far to Go?” (May 5-7, 2005), we published this useful introduction to the value of measurement in human rights research and to the issues facing those wishing to incorporate measurement into their field work and research.

Workshop on Measurement and Human Rights
(A Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Report, July 6-8, 2006).

This workshop report will serve as an excellent introductory guide for practitioners who are interested in tackling the challenge of measurement in the field of human rights. It provides an outline of the workshop as well as a collection of frameworks and case examples aimed at breaking down the barriers that keep human rights organizations from developing impact metrics the rest of the world can understand.

Working Papers
  • What Human Rights Indicators Should Measure
    Andrew Hines' paper explores what "measurement" means, why we need to measure progress in human rights, and how we can go about doing so concretely.

  • The United Nations and the Measurement of Human Rights
    Kate Desormeau's paper discusses the measurement and benchmarking initiatives currently underway in the UN system.

  • Measuring Rights and Governance: The Quantification of Development Aid Conditionality
    Kate Desormeau's paper discusses the ways human rights issues are being quantified and used to target official development assistance by the World Bank and the U.S. Government.

  • How Human Rights Organizations Measure Human Rights
    Eleanor Benko's paper examines the country-by-country assessments conducted by major international human rights organizations.

  • Assessing Impact in Human Rights
    Fernande Raine's paper discusses methods by which CSOs can assess their own performance and impact.
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