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MHR Measurement & Human Rights Training Series

Human Rights Policy Analysis: Tools and Practices
Assessing impact, measuring progress

Andrea Rossi, MHR program director


Organized by the Measurement and Human Rights (MHR) program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, in collaboration with the HKS Office of Career Advancement and the HKS Mexico Program, the course will address major human rights policy challenges and analysis techniques, with a focus on tools and practices in assessing impact and measuring progress.


This MHR course addresses the lack of systematic use of solid research methodology, data collection and analysis in the formulation and evaluation of human rights policies. It explores the challenges and opportunities of consolidated research design and methods, as well as the principles of reliability, and validity. The course deals with the difficulties of defining and measuring human rights impact, and the fact that the population affected by human rights violations often remains hidden or excluded. It focuses on the importance of participatory approaches, and analyses how data collection and research methods are affected when integrated with human rights principles.




Evidence-based human rights policy


Measuring the unmeasurable: Indicators, measurements and indices


Research methods and data collection with marginal and excluded populations


Human rights impact analysis


Human rights  budget analysis



Targets audience: students planning their policy analysis exercises or internships, and/or students interested in pursuing a career working in human rights within NGOs, governments or international organisations. The course aims at enabling participants to undertake rigorous policy analysis of human rights policies, and seeks to encourage participants to develop methodological strategies for the collection and analysis of data.


Format: lecture plus practical exercises.  Lectures will be held from 6:00 to 7:30 (pizza and refreshment will be provided)


The MHR Program promotes the generation and use of evidence in analysing human rights policies. It aims at framing the discussion on the role of reliable and robust research techniques in collecting solid evidence of human rights violations, and in assessing the impact of interventions more effectively.


A complete syllabus will be shared during the first lecture.

The course will be conducted by Andrea Rossi, MHR program director, with the participations of guest speakers.

Application by October 13

In Collaboration with:

- HKS Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
- HKS Office of Career Advancement
- HKS Mexico Program

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