Conferences: 2006

Implementing the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Stability Operations
September 25-26, 2006

Conference Participants

This conference, explored vital issues concerning the legal framework for human rights and rule of law issues, historical approaches to nation-building, current U.S. policies concerning stability operations, and coalition or multinational approaches to implementing the rule of law.

The meeting also featured debate over liberal imperialism, detainee and interrogation conflicts in the rule of law, and a universal norm for human rights. The conference was co-sponsored with the U.S. Army JAG School and featured participants from the military, international law, academia, the U.S. government, foreign militaries, and human rights groups.

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Developing a New U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine
February 23-24, 2006

Conference Participants

This groundbreaking workshop brought together human rights groups and military representatives to critique the U.S. Army Counterinsurgency Field Manual. The workshop followed a chapter-by-chapter analysis of the Field Manual.


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