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State-Building and Human Rights in Afghanistan & Pakistan

This program will deliberately challenge and critically examine some of the core assumptions underpinning the international intervention in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It aims to generate a more informed and nuanced debate on the international engagement in the region, in order to contribute to policies that better serve the needs of Afghans, Pakistanis, and the international community.

Af-Pak Forum

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“Harnessing Local Capacity”
By Nadia Naviwala
~ and ~
“Dangerous Correlations”
by Masooda Bano

Response by
Nadia Naviwala, Belfer IGA Fellow:
The influx of $7.5 billion in development aid to Pakistan over the next five years has raised a critical and contentious question: how can local NGOs be best engaged? “Dangerous Correlations” and “Harnessing Local Capacity” suggest that the best NGOs in Pakistan are locally-initiated and locally-funded. However, USAID is not structured to work with these organizations because...

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In the Press

Michael Semple
Michael Semple
Michael Semple
Michael Semple

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Recent Publications

David Mansfield, “Managing Concurrent and Repeated Risks: Explaining the Reductions in Opium Production in Central Helmand between 2008 and 2011” May 2011.
Michael Semple, “Rhetoric of Resistance in the Taliban's Rebel Ballads.” May 2011.
David Mansfield, “Drugs and (Dis)order: a study of the opium trade, political settlements and state-making in Afghanistan.” Nov. 2010.

Featured Videos

Rory Stewart, Carr Center Faculty Director Rory Stewart provides a brief introduction to the new State Building Afghanistan Pakistan program.
Michael Semple, “Talking Helmand': The Political Officer's advice for armies campaigning in the Pashtoon heartland” Sept. 15, 2009

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