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The Kashmir Initiative

Less than two weeks before his election, President Obama identified finding diplomatic solutions to the Kashmir conflict as a “critical task for the next administration.” Kashmir’s geopolitical importance has increased drastically with the continuing war along Pakistan’s untamed western border and Afghanistan. Divided and disputed between India and Pakistan, Kashmir has seen conflict for the past 62 years. It has been identified by the U.S. government as the world’s most militarized dispute. There are more than 500,000 troops in Indian-administered Kashmir alone. This conflict is however more than a territorial dispute between two nuclear powers. As states negotiate solutions, the voice of Kashmiris who have suffered internal conflict and human rights abuses must not be lost in the cacophony of realpolitik. The Center’s new Kashmir Initiative hopes to bring inclusive dialogue and broader awareness around this complex issue.


2009-10 Speaker Series:

Kashmir: Human Rights Policy for
“The World’s Most Militarized Dispute”



Photo exhibit by Robert Nickelsberg

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What's New:

8/20/11 Program coordinator Mallika Kaur discusses how traditional thinking about the role of geneder issues in security analysis leads to significant shortcomings, in "Gendered violence: Beyond her body politic," an Economic Times op-ed.

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7/28/11 The Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) today released the report "Half Widow, Half Wife? Responding to Gendered Violence in Kashmir." It examines the situation of women in Indian-administered Kashmir whose husbands have "disappeared," but not yet been declared deceased.

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8/30/10 Carr Center Announces Kashmir Initiative Advisory Board:
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy is pleased to announce the appointment of three distinguished academics to serve as an Advisory Board for its Kashmir Initiative.

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2/23/10 Speaker Series, Part II:
“The Two Kashmirs: Present Realities of Indian and Pakistani Administered Kashmirs”

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11/12/09 Speaker Series, Part I:
“62 Years of Unrest: Regional and International Ramifications of the Kashmir Conflict”

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Photos courtesy © Robert Nickelsberg

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