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Student Switchboard: Office Hours

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  • Fellows

    Most Carr Center Fellows do not post formal office hours. To arrange a meeting with a fellow, to discuss their research, please first contact Steven Brzozowski, the Center's advocacy and outreach manager, and he will coordinate the initial meeting. Steven can be reached at or (617) 496-6086.

  • Faculty

    Carr Center Faculty and Affiliated Faculty generally have preset office hours during the academic year. Since the Faculty manage these themselves, the best approach is to contact the faculty member's faculty assistant and find out about their particular schedule. Contact information for faculty member's assistants is usually listed as part of their HKS faculty directory listings.

  • Programs

    To find out more about one of the Carr Center programs or initiatives, and perhaps learn how you can become involved, you should contact the program's manager or coordinator directly. The links below should help guide you to appropriate contact information for each program:

    • Mass Atrocity Response Operations (MARO), Sally Chin, program director.

    • Human Rights and Social Movements, Timothy McCarthy, program director.

    • State Building and Human Rights, Afghanistan & Pakistan, Michael McCarrick, research associate.

    • Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Christina Bain, program director.

    • National Security and Human Rights, Sarah Sewall, program director

    • The Latin American Initiative, Leonardo Vivas, program director.

    • The Kashmir Initiative, Ajaz Wani, student liaison.

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