Human Rights Courses

Current Academic Year

  • At the Harvard Kennedy School

    • Fall 2013
      • DPI-684 New Media, Surveillance, Access, Propaganda, and Democracy
        T/Th 1:10 PM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Nolan Bowie
      • IGA-103  Global Governance
        M/W 10:10 AM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: John Ruggie
      • IGA-305 Children, Youth and International Human Rights
        T/Th 11:40 AM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Jacqueline Bhabha
      • IGA-422 Global Food Politics and Policy
        T/Th 11:40 AM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Robert Paarlberg
    • January Session 2014
      • IGA-218M Inclusive Security
        Credits 0.5
        Instructor: Swanee Hunt
      • IGA-353M Winter Field Study Course in the Middle East 2014: Assessing the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon
        Credits 0.5
        Instructor: Claude Bruderlein
      • IGA-380M Human Rights Advocacy using Video, Social Media, and Participatory Media
        Credits 0.5
        Instructor: Sam Gregory
      • IGA-388M The Strategic Application Non-violent Action NEW!!
        Credits 0.5
        Instructor: Douglas Johnson
    • Spring 2014
      • BGP-230M Corporate Social Responsibility
        M/W 10:10 AM, Credits: 0.5
        Instructors: John Ruggie, Jane Nelson, Steve Lydenberg
      • IGA-105 The Politics of International Law
        Schedule: tba, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Kathryn Sikkink
      • IGA-220 The Politics and Ethics of the Use of Force
        M/W 1:10 PM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: J. Bryan Hehir
      • IGA-331M Business and Human Rights
        M/W 10:10 AM, Credits: 0.5
        Instructor: John Ruggie
      • IGA-335 Values and Interests in U.S. Foreign Policy
        M/W 10:10 AMCredits: 1.0
        Instructor: Sarah Sewall
      • IGA-342M Human Rights Dilemmas in Child Protection
        Schedule: tba, Credits: 0.5
        Instructor: Jacqueline Bhabha
      • IGA-351 Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
        T 2:40 PM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Sidddharth Kara
      • IGA-360 Sovereignty and Intervention
        T/Th 1:10 PM, Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Michael Ignatieff
      • IGA-385 The Theory and Practice of Human Rights
        Schedule: tba, Credits: 1.0
        Instructors: Doulglas Johnson, Kathryn Sikkink
  • Elsewhere at Harvard University

    • Harvard University provides an excellent online resource for searching all its course catalogs. Because this tool is so powerful we recommend using it as the primary mechanism for finding human rights related courses throughout the university. Clicking the link below will launch a university-wide search for human rights related courses.

      Run catalog search: "All Human Rights Courses at Harvard"
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