2012-2013 Academic Year

  • At the Harvard Kennedy School

    • Fall 2012
      • IGA-103  Global Governance
        Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: John Ruggie
      • IGA-304 Human Rights and International Politics
        Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Mathias Risse
      • IGA-305 Children, Youth and International Human Rights
        Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Jacqueline Bhabha
      • IGA-322 Strategic Planning, International Engagement and Humanitarian Protection
        Credits: 1.0
        Instructor: Claude Bruderlein
    • January Session 2013
      • IGA 380M Human Rights Advocacy using Video, Social Media, and Participatory Media
        Instructor: Sam Gregory
        Course meets from January 2-11, 2013.
      • IGA 218M Inclusive Security
        Instructor: Ambassador Swanee Hunt 
        Course meets from Jan 7 – 16, 2013.
      • IGA 353 Strategic Planning and Humanitarian Engagement in Geneva and in the West Bank 
        Instructor: Claude Bruderlein
        Course runs from January 2-25, 2013 
        (Please note this HSPH course ends after the HKS January term dates; the estimated cost per student for this course is $4,200 - $4,400.)
        Also offered by the School of Public Health as GHP 543.
    • Spring 2013
      • IGA-384 Tools for Human Rights Practitice
        Schedule: T/Th 11:40 AM
        Credits: 1.0
        Instructors: Charlie Clements, Felisa Tibbitts
      • IGA 331M Business and Human Rights
        Instructor: John Ruggie
        Sping Module IV
      • IGA 351M Human Rights, Human Trafficking and International Norms
        Instructors Charlie Clements and Siddharth Kara
        Spring Module I