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Event Details:

“Meeting Development Goals: Challenges Facing Iraq in Attaining Health Rights”
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Carr Center Conference Room (Rubenstein Building, Floor 2, Room 219) Harvard Kennedy School of Government

“Meeting Development Goals:
Challenges Facing Iraq in Attaining Health Rights”

A presentation by

Dr. Shoubo Rasheed Jalal
Carr Center Gebran G. Tueni Fellow
and Iraqi medical doctor

Dr. Shoubo Rasheed Jalal

This event will profile Dr. Shoubo Rasheed Jalal's work in Iraq on the Right to Health and look at UN MDGs 4, 5 and 6.

Dr. Shoubo Rasheed Jalal is an Iraqi medical doctor who has worked for 25 years in the field of child and maternal health and rights. She has worked for more than 8 years with UNICEF in Iraq, as well as at the Ministry of Health in Iraq in the capacity of Deputy Health Education Manager, assuming different clinical and managerial positions at various levels. Dr. Rasheed has also served as a member of the Executive Committee, and as HIV focal point for Iraq’s Reproductive Health & Family Planning Association for more than four years.

During her professional career, Dr. Rasheed supported both the Ministry of Health and UNICEF to develop and execute several national communication-social mobilization programs for Iraq in the areas of immunization, infant and young child feeding, HIV prevention, hygiene promotion among young people, girls education, and pandemic influenza. For the last four years, she was the assigned deputy for the United Nation’s Gender taskforce in Iraq, through which she led the coordination between the UN, the Government of Iraq, and international NGOs. On behalf of UNICEF, Dr. Rasheed chaired the thematic working group for the Iraq's Common Country Assessment and the outcome working group for the UN Development Assistance Framework for Iraq on the Essential Services for the years 2011-2014.

Dr. Rasheed has been actively engaged in the development of assessment tools and report writing for several national and personal studies in communication. Furthermore, Dr. Rasheed was the driving force behind the design, execution and dissemination of the first ever nationwide survey of Iraqi youth’s knowledge, attitudes and practices.

Dr. Rasheed is an accomplished facilitator and trainer. In addition to developing training manuals and quality educational material, she has published several personal studies on behavioral change including: Nutrition in Elderly, Effect of Maternal Malnutrition and Anemia on Child Health, Breastfeeding Practices Among Urban Communities, Female Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Breast Self Examination, and Congenital Malformations in Children.

Dr. Shoubo Rasheed Jalal is a recipient of theGebran G. Tueni Human Rights Fellowship Program Award.