Brown-Bag Presentation: Sharon Weinblum, "The Security-Democracy Dilemma”

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
12:00 noon - 1:30 pm
Carr Center Conference Room (R-219)

Lunchtime Brown-Bag Presentation:

Sharon Weinblum, post-doctoral fellow with the Carr Center Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery will present the conclusions of her Ph.D. dissertation on the “security-democracy dilemma” in the Israeli political discourse. She will highlight the main findings of her analysis of political debates held in the 1980s and after the second intifada in the Israeli parliament.

Please feel free to bring your own brown bag lunch.

More about the presenter:

Sharon Weinblum

Sharon Weinblum is a postdoctoral Fulbright scholar and a Belgian American Education Foundation fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy where she is part of the Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery. Sharon’s research focuses on Israeli politics and combines different approaches including discourse theory, critical theories of security, and political theory. Her PhD dissertation, The Management of Security and Democracy in Political Discourse: An Analysis of the Competing Discursive Articulations of the Security-Democracy Nexus in the Israeli Parliament, analyzed the competing narratives on the tension between security and democracy in parliamentary debates. Her current work focuses on migrant workers and asylum seekers in Israel. She is particularly interested in the way these groups are articulated in public discourse (including that of political actors, NGOs, the Supreme Court or the media) and in how this affects public policies.     MORE >