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Greg Carr December 21: The New Yorker, Center founder Greg Carr's philanthopic work again makes headlines. Philip Gourevitch's piece “The Monkey and the Fish” offers fascinating follow-up regarding Carr's herculean efforts to revitalize Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park.
Rima Merhi December 12: Annahar, Nahar al-shabab, Center Fellow Rima Merhi writes “A journey with Gibran to bring expatriates back home, ” a tribute to Gibran Tueni, who was assasinated 12 December 2005.

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Gerald Knaus December 10: European Stability Instititute Newsletter, Latest ESI Newsletter Outlines Scope of Alledged Turkish Conspiracy. Carr Center Fellow Gerald Knaus lays out recently unearthed details of the “Cage Plan.”
Siddharth Kara December 10: T.E.D. Web site, Kara named 2009 TED Fellow: The Technology Entertainment and Design organization has named Carr Center Fellow Siddharth Kara one of its 2009 TED Fellows. These awards are given in recognition of "young world-changers and trailblazers who have shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage."
Andrew Wilder December 9: Wilder Testifies Before House Subcommitte. Carr Center Associate Fellow Andrew Wilder testified before the House Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs at a hearing investigating U.S. aid to Pakistan.
Jasteena Dhillon December 6: Al Jazeera News Bulletin, Jasteena Dhillon is interviewed on the Al Jazeera news program News Bulletin about the lack of justice for rape and corruption cases in Afghanistan's courts and legal system.

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the Forum event. (Photo credit Justin Ide) December 4: Harvard Kennedy School News, “Debate on Afghanistan Strategy Continues Among HKS Experts” Forum event discusses the latest Administration plans.

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Ali Allawi December 3: The Economist, Carr Center Fellow Ali A. Allawi's award winning “Crisis of Islamic Civilization” takes the top spot in the Politics and Current Affairs category of the Economist's 'Books of the Year' for 2009.
Andrew Wilder December 1: Foreign Policy, While millions of dollars are being sent to Afganistan in an effort to win hearts and minds, Carr Center Associate Fellow Andrew Wilder, explains, in “Money Can't Buy America Love,” why this may not be working.

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Matt Waldman November 30: CNN Tonight, In advance of President Obama's announcement of his decision as to how to move forward in Afganistan, Carr Center Fellow Matt Waldman sat down with CNN Anchor Erica Hill to try to sort out the options.
Gerard Russell November 30: The Huffington Post, Carr Center Fellow Gerard Russell notes that there are some lessons still to be learned from the Afghan election. See “Advice to Karzai: Build Support To Bring Taliban Into Loya Jirga.”
Gerald Knaus November 24: European Stability Instititute Newsletter, From the road in Europe, Carr Center Fellow Gerald Knaus, submits his latest ESI newsletter. Topics include: human rights in Azerbaijan, 1989, and the Balkans.
Dr Radwan Ziadeh November 23: Former Carr Center Fellow wins MESA Academic Freedom Award. The Board of Directors of the Middle East Studies Association has awarded the 2009 Academic Freedom Award to Dr. Radwan Ziadeh. Dr. Ziadeh was a Carr Center Fellow during the 2008-09 academeic year.
Jianli Yang November 22: The Washington Post, Carr Center Associate Fellow Jianli Yang weighs in on the significace of the President's recent trip to Asia in “Foreign policy specialists assess Obama's trip to Asia.”
Jasteena Dhillon November 20: Jasteena Dhillon, Fellow, State-Building and Human Rights, Afghanistan & Pakistan Program, talks about Afghanistan after the election fiasco with the World Affairs Council in Boston. (4 pm)
Jasteena Dhillon November 20: Jasteena Dhillon, Carr Center Associate Fellow, will discuss Afghanistan's flawed election, President Hamid Karzai's prospects for regaining authority, and the challenges facing the U.S.-led military strategy and state-building efforts.
Gerard Russell November 19: The Los Angeles Times, Insisting that the Afghan government must take responsibility for its own survival, Carr Center Fellow Gerard Russell explains why, "To succeed in Afghanistan, we must fail."
Abdulrazzaq al-Saiedi November 11: The New York Times, Carr Center Associate Fellow Razzaq al-Saiedi continues his first-hand reporting from Iraq with, “The Iraqi Elections: Same Names, Different Teams.”
Ali Allawi November 9: Middle East Lecture Series Continues. The series of lectures by Carr Center Fellow Dr. Ali A. Allawi examining issues at the intersection of law, religion and society, continues on November 18.
Andrew Wilder November 6: NPR's Morning Edition, NPR's Rennee Montagne and Andrew Wilder, research director at Tufts University's Feinstein International Center and associate fellow with the Carr Center's Afghanistan & Pakistan program, discuss problems associated with distributing aid in Afganistan.
Rima Merhi November 5: Middle East Online, Carr center fellow Rima Merhi discusses why Washington needs a different lens to see Lebanon and Hezbollah in “US should Make a U-turn on its Approach to Hezbollah.”
Gerard Russell November 5: The Huffington Post, President Karzai has promised to rule inclusively after his contested victory but, as Carr Center Fellow Gerard Russell points out, this must mean more than just how he forms his government. Read why in “ Karzai Must Heal Afghanistan's Divisions.”
Gerard Russell November 4: Foreign Policy, Carr Center Fellow Gerard Russell notes that recent Afgan elections could be the country's undoing or a good start for much-needed reform. See “The Avoidable Death of Afghan Democracy.”
Jasteena Dhillon November 3: Jasteena Dhillon, Fellow, State-Building and Human Rights, Afghanistan & Pakistan Program, discusses her views on the next steps for the Obama administration on rule of law, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency on a panel with Andrew Bacevich at Boston University Law School. (4 pm)
Paul Fishstein October 27: The Financial Times, In “Afghans Need to Find Model of Democracy,” Carr Center Fellow Paul Fishstein points out just how unclear the word 'Democracy' is for many in Afghanistan.
E. Benjamin Skinner October 27: Time Magazine, As Carr Center Fellow E. Benjamin Skinner notes in “Pakistan's Forgotten Plight: Modern-Day Slavery,” humanitarian issues in the region go well beyond what we see in the headlines.
10th Anniversary Banner October 26: The Harvard Gazette, Carr Center's 10th Anniversary Forum event, “Human Rights as Public Service,” featured in The Harvard Gazette.

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State Building and Human Rights Project October 23: Students host inaugural meeting of the “Afghan Student Initiative.”
Matt Waldman October 22: Congressional Record, Matt Waldman, Fellow in the Center's State Building and Human Rights Program, testifies before the House Armed Services Committee's Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.
Tyler Moselle October 22: The Financial Times, Tyler Moselle, the Center's Acting Executive Director, addresses the danger of confusing counterinsurgency and counter-terrorism agendas in his FT editorial, “Obama must shift the debate about a troop surge.”
10th Anniversary Banner October 22: The Harvard Crimson, Center's 10th Anniversary event is noted by The Crimson.

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10th Anniversary Banner October 21: HKS Institute of Politics Video Archive, Complete video coverage of the Carr Center's 10th Anniversary Forum conversation, “Why Human Rights Matter: Human Rights as Public Service” is now available.

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The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy October 21: Carr Center sponsors 2 Interactive Immersion Activities in the upcoming January Session: "Human Rights Advocacy Using Video" and "Human Rights, Development, and International Politics." Click here to find out more.
Carr Center 2008-09 Annual Report October 20: Carr Center Web Site, The Carr Center 2008-2009 Annual Report is now availble. It can be found online, by clicking on this post, as well as in hard-copy form, upon request.
Rima Merhi October 17: Sharq Awsat, Carr Center Fellow Rima Merhi addresses questions that lie at the heart of deteriorating Lebanese-Palestinian relations in “The Truth, Not Antiques, is Buried in Nahr al Bared.”
Ali Allawi October 17: Press Release, Washington Institute, “The Crisis of Islamic Civilization” by Carr Center Fellow Ali A. Allawi wins the Washington Institute Book Prize silver medal.

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Tim McCarthy at the microphone October 16: Speaking Freely with Dennis, Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy McCarthy is interviewed on this popular radio program. Listen to the audio.
The Latin American Initiative October 13: The Carr Center announces a new Latin American Initiative. Directed by Prof. Leonardo Vivas, the initiative seeks to serve as a focal point (promotion, connection, awareness) for Latin American Human Rights issues within the Harvard community. Student Involvement Welcome!
Timothy McCarthy October 9: The Huffington Post, Timothy McCarthy, Harvard Kennedy School Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of the Carr Center's Human Rights and Social Movements Program, becomes a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

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Tim McCarthy at the microphone October 9: The Huffington Post, Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy McCarthy reviews Obama's record on Gay Rights and suggests what the Administration's seeming lack of progress means for the movement.
Jasteena Dhillon October 9: International Lawyer and Carr Center Associate Fellow Jasteena Dhillon, will be presenting “From Bosnia to Afghanistan: Working on Legal and Justice Issues in Conflict Zones,” part of the New England Law School Centre for International Law and Policy's Practitioner Round Table Series. October 9, 2009, 1-2 pm.
Timothy McCarthy October 5: The Harvard Crimson, Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy McCarthy expresses the frustration of many in the lack of leadership the Obama Administration has shown on key social issues. Read “The Man and the Movement” in The Crimson.
Maleeha Lodhi October 5: Financial Times.com, Carr Center Associate Fellow Maleeha Lodhi, together with Anatol Lieven, discuss possible Afghan exit scenarios in “How the West Can Exit the Afghan Quagmire.”
David Mansfield October 1: Congressional Record, David Mansfield, Fellow in the Center's State Building and Human Rights Program, testifies before the before the House Sub Committee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Swanee Hunt September 24: Clinton Global Initiative Web site, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy and Senior Advisor to the Initiative to Stop Human Trafficking, spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative Fifth Annual Meeting.
Tim McCarthy at the microphone September 24: Web site for the Carr Center's newest program, the Human Rights & Social Movements Program, comes on line. The program is directed by Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy McCarthy.
Rory Stewart September 24: PBS: Bill Moyer's Journal, Rory Stewart, Carr Center Director, is profiled on Bill Moyer's Journal where he lays out an alternate strategy for the international community in Afghanistan.

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E. Benjamin Skinner September 23: Dayton Literary Peace Prize Org., “A Crime So Monstrous: Face to Face with Modern Day Slavery” by Carr Center Fellow E. Benjamin Skinner named nonfiction winner of the 2009 Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

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Rory Stewart September 18: HKS Insights Series, Rory Stwart, Carr Center Faculty Director, talks about its new program, “State Building in Afghanistan & Pakistan,” in this HKS Insights Series video.

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Tim McCarthy at the microphone September 18: HKS Insights Series, Timothy McCarthy, Director of the the Carr Center's “Human Rights and Social Movements Program,” describes his new program in this HKS Insights Series video.

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Rory Stewart September 16: Harvard Kennedy School News, Rory Stewart Testifies on the Future of Afghanistan Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Andrew Wilder September 16: The Boston Globe, “A 'weapons system' Based on Wishful Thinking,” an Op-Ed by State Building and Human Rights Associate Fellow Andrew Wilder.
Justeena Dhillon September 15: Jasteena Dhillon, Associate Fellow in State Building program, will be participating in the Annual Yankee Operational Law Symposium at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. She will address the topic, “Military Operations and Traditional Law Issues in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
Michael Semple September 13: The Independent (UK), “Karzai must not get away with this fraud,” an Op-Ed by Carr Center Fellow Michael Semple.
Rory Stewart September 10: The Star (Toronto), “Historic Errors Made in 9/11 Aftermath,” interview; part of an article by Haroon Siddiqui.
Timothy McCarthy September 9: HKS Insights Series, Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy McCarthy discusses the relationship between human rights and social movements in the is HKS Insight Series interview.
Rima Merhi September 9: The Harvard Crimson, Carr Center Fellow Rima Merhi regrets recent Forum panel event “Justice” seemed to gloss over some significant topics.
Glenn Sulmasy August 29: U.S. News and World Report, In this discussion of the hybrid court system proposed in his book, The National Security Court System, 2007-08 Carr Center fellow Glen Sulmasy explains why appearances matter in the battle against al Qaeda.
Timothy McCarthy August 26: BigThink.com, Timothy McCarthy, Director of the Carr Center Human Rights and Social Movements Program, talks to BigThink.com about the LGBT Movement, Gay Marriage, Media and Social Change, Barack Obama, and more.
The Human Rights & Social Movements Program August 26: CST Today (CUNY Web site), Sarah Schulman joins Harvard Kennedy School's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy as an advisor to the Human Rights and Social Movements Program.
Rory Stewart August 20: The Independent (UK), Expressing support for Britain's continued role in the war in Afghanistan, The Independent, in an article titled “A Cause Worth Fighting For,” quotes Rory Stewart and his message that adjusting expectations is essential.
E. Benjamin Skinner August 20: Time Magazine (Polish edition), E. Benjamin Skinner discusses modern-day slavery in this interview which appeared in the Polish edition of Newsweek. (in Polish)
Rory Stewart August 19: NPR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook, On the eve of Afghanistan's elections, Rory Stewart is Tom Ashbrook's guest for a segment titled “Reality Check on Afghanistan.”
Samantha Power August 17: The Boston Globe, Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Samantha Power picked to assist Iraq war refugees.
Matt Waldman August 16: The Guardian (UK), In “These Attempts to Win Hearts and Minds are Futile” Carr Center Fellow Matt Waldman discusses why building trust in Afghanistan maens more than building schools and clinics.
The Maro Project (OLD) August 3: The Carr Center welcomes Sally Chin, new MARO Project Manager.
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy July 29: Fall '09 Interns Wanted!
The Carr Center currently has three internship openings (unpaid) for the upcoming fall semester (September ~ December).
Tyler Moselle July 23: “Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Intersection of National Security and International Justice,” a Hauser Center interview with Research Associate & Program Manager, Tyler Moselle.
Rory Stewart July 9: The London Review of Books, Carr Center Faculty Director Rory Stewart discusses how perceptions of Iraq and Afghanistan can distort what we see as possible and even desirable in “The Irresistible Illusion.”
Matt Waldman July 8: The Guardian (UK), In “The Aid Afghanistan Really Needs” Carr Center Fellow Matt Waldman explains why, in defeating the Taliban, the solution may not be military.
Sarah Sewall July 1: Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates announces the appointment of Harvard Kennedy School Professor and Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Sarah Sewall to the U.S. Defense Policy Board.
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy June 22: The recipients of the 2009 Gebran G. Tueni Human Rights Fellowship Awards are announced. These awards, established by a gift from the Hariri Foundation-USA, will allow two individuals from Lebanon or Iraq to conduct research at the Carr Center in the coming year.
E. Benjamin Skinner June 18: CNN, AC/360, Continuing to leverage heightened media awareness following the release of the State Department's TIP report, Carr Center Fellow E. Benjamin Skinner takes part in a trafficking Q&A with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Cooper's popular AC360° blog.
The 2009 TIP Report June 16: Press Release, U.S. State Dept., U.S. State Department Releases the 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report.
E. Benjamin Skinner June 16: PBS, Worldfocus, Carr Center Fellow E. Benjamin Skinner joins Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge in this video interview in which Skinner discusses modern slavery and how the current economic crisis is playing into the problem of human trafficking.
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy June 10: The 2009 Traub-Dicker-KSG Research Fellowships are awarded. Two students selected to do research this summer on policy issues associated with the LGBT community.
Dan Kuwali June 9: 2008-09 Carr Center Fellow Dan Kuwali earns his doctoral degree. Dr. Kuwali becomes the first, and so far, the only African doctoral graduate from the Faculty of Law, Lund University. Congratulations Dan!
Timothy McCarthy June 2: Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy Patrick McCarthy was awarded a Special Commendation for Excellence in Teaching at the 2009 HKS Class Day Exercises. Congratulations Tim! Also: Professor McCarthy's 2009 Nicholas Papadopoulos Lecture, “Stonewall's Children: Life, Loss, and Love after Liberation,” is now on-line.
Luis C. de Baca May 18: U.S. Dept. of State press release, Luis C. de Baca, president Obama's nominee for the U.S. State Department position of Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, is confirmed.
Leonardo Vivas May 16: Semana, Venezula, Carr Center Fellow Leonardo Vivas is interviewed in this Colombian weekly regarding ongoing reports of abuse of power by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.
Greg Carr May 13: The Guardian, UK, More glowing reports of the tremendous progress Greg Carr has made in his project to restore Mozambique's famed Gorongosa National Park. “As animals return, tourists follow...”
Sarah Sewall April 30: The New York Times, Results of a 3-year study by a National Academy of Sciences panel, including Carr Center Program Director Sarah Sewall, are highlighted in “Panel Advises Clarifying U.S. Plans on Cyberwar.”
Rory Stewart addressing the conference. April 29: Harvard Kennedy School News, Success of the recent Carr Center conference on Afghanistan featured in today's HKS News.

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The MARO Project April 29: WIRED, The MARO Project gets front page billing in this Danger Room, national security piece by Nathan Hodge: “Drafting the Anti-Genocide Playbook.”
Tyler Moselle April 24: International Affairs Forum, Research Associate & Program Manager, Tyler Moselle, responds to questions about the state of affairs in Cambodia in this online interview published by the Center for International Relations.
E. Benjamin Skinner April 24: The New York Times, This week's Sunday Review of Books includes E. Benjamin Skinner's “A Crime so Monstrous,” in its listing of a noteworthy paperbacks
Timothy McCarthy April 24: Carr Center Faculty Affiliate Timothy Patrick McCarthy gives the 2009 Nicholas Papadopoulos Lecture, “Stonewall's Children: Life, Loss, and Love after Liberation.”

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Rory Stewart April 23: Rory Stewart and the Carr Center's State-Building and Human Rights in Afghanistan and Pakistan program organize a conference: “The Future of Afghanistan and the Region.” The meeting featured Stewart, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Michael Ignatieff, and a variety of internationally renowned analysts and thinkers.

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State Building and Human Rights Project April 21: CTV News, Ignatieff to meet with Obama's inner circle.
State Building and Human Rights Project April 21: Foreign Policy, The Holbrooke Afghanistan conference you can't go to.
Rory Stewart on HKS Insight April 17: Carr Center Director Rory Stewart explains why Afghanistan has never been more important. A new interview, currently featured as part of the Harvard Kennedy School's “HKS Insight” series.
E. Benjamin Skinner March 25: The Huffington Post, Carr Center Fellow E. Benjamin Skinner addresses the significance of the de Baca nomination to the on-going battle against modern day slavery.
E. Benjamin Skinner March 25: Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY, Carr Center Fellow E. Benjamin Skinner continues to travel widely, working to bring the complex issue of Sex Trafficking to the public forum.
US Govt Item March 24: White House Press Release, President Obama announces his nomination for State Department position to combat trafficking. Luis C. de Baca, nominee for Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, U.S. State Department.
Swanee Hunt February 25: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Commentary by Swanee Hunt, “A Crime That Should Shame Us All,” appears on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Web site.
Anderson Cooper February 19: CNN, AC-360 Web site, Anderson Cooper, popular CNN reporter and host of AC360, hosts a discusion thread on modern day slavery on his blog: “Modern-day Slavery On The Rise”
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy January 21: Harvard Kennedy School News, “Carr Center Receives Gift to Create Gebran G. Tueni Fellowship Program”
NBC TV's  “Law & Order” January 6: NBC TV, NBC TV's Law & Order to focuses on child slavery, a story-line inspired by the work of Carr Center fellow E. Benjamin Skinner.