RSS Feeds

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS Feeds are a great way to keep up to date on Carr Center happenings. They allow you to receive automatic notifications, via your favorite RSS reader, when new material is added to different parts of our Web site. For example, you could choose to be notified when a new event is added to our calendar, when a new item is entered into our bibliography system or even when a new Carr-related news article is posted on our home page.


    Subscribe to Feed Latest entries added to the Carr bibliography system.
Events & Calendar:
  Subscribe to Feed Latest additions to the Carr Center event calendar.
  Subscribe to Feed Latest additions to both “What's New” and “In the News” listings.

How Do You Use an RSS Feed?

The familiar orange RSS icon, Example RSS Icon, is just a link to an XML file. To subscribe, you will need to copy and paste this link's URL into your RSS reader or your email client's RSS page. To do this, right click on the orange RSS button and select "Copy Shortcut" (if using Internet Explorer) or "Copy Link Location" (if using Firefox) from the drop down menu. Then paste the URL into the appropriate input box in your RSS reader. Although nomenclature varies from reader to reader, the input box will be probably be labeled something like "Add Subscription" or "Create New Feed." Once created, your reader will automatically display links to the material you've selected whenever new content of this type is added to the Carr Center's Web site.