PAE Award Recipients

The Sunny Dupree
PAE (Policy Analysis Exercise)

Past recipients of the Sunny Dupree PAE Award

Previous recipients of the Sunny Dupree PAE (Policy Analysis Exercise) Award include Isabelle Chan, MPP'10, and Joshua Archambault and Brigit Waidmann, both MPP'10.

The first student grantee, Isabelle Chan, MPP'10, focused her PAE on commercial sex in Cambodia. Ms. Chan's client was ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Abuse, and Trafficking), a Cambodian network of national and international organizations dedicated to terminating the sexual exploitation of children. Ms. Chan's research focused on the question, “What should be ECPAT- Cambodia's strategy for engaging stakeholders in addressing and tackling local demand for commercial sexual services in Cambodia.” Recently, Ms. Chan learned that ECPAT-Cambodia will be moving forward in implementing her recommendations. ECPAT is currently setting up a working group with other NGOs to begin addressing the issue of local demand. Ms. Chan was the recipient of the 2010 Class Day Prize for Outstanding PAE.

The second student group, Joshua Archambault and Birgit Waidmann, both MPP'10, strived to refine domestic policy regarding sex trafficking and labor trafficking, paying special attention to the nexus of sex and labor trafficking. Their client was the U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, led by Ambassador Luis Cdebaca. Mr. Archambault and Ms. Waidmann were the recipients of the 2010 Class Day Carr Center Prize for outstanding PAEs in the field of human rights and presented their findings in a fall 2010 Carr Center seminar.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, Taylor Chapman, MPP '11 worked with International Justice Mission-Chennai, India, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates bonded laborers in the Chennai area. Mr. Chapman focused on developing a framework to collect and evaluate data in order to streamline the organization's efforts. He created the design for a Universal Victim Data Tool (UVDT) to synthesize and collate data into one master database. This database would further data collection and management to assist in the fight against modern-day slavery.

In May of 2011, Mr. Chapman reported on his work during 
at presentation at the Carr Center, attended by students, 
staff, and donors.


Thao Anh Tran, MPP’12 was one recipient of the 2011-2012 Sunny Dupree Award. Her project looked at how to develop an effective anti-trafficking campaign to increase public awareness and promote coordination and coalition-building among the major stakeholders in Kien Giang Province, Vietnam. She worked with the Catalyst Foundation in Minnesota as her client, and she assessed and analyzed other successful anti-trafficking campaigns with an emphasis on children and youth to develop her research. In addition, she used key findings from her surveys with at-risk youth and interviews with their parents to inform approaches that the Catalyst Foundation can use to create new partnerships and maximize the impact of their prevention efforts in Kien Giang Province.

(L to R) Rozanne Larsen, Alejandra Vargas Garcia, and Thao Anh Tran lead a seminar explaining their PAE work, spring 2012.

Rozanne Larsen, MPP’12, and Alejandra Vargas Garcia, MPP’12, were the second group of students to receive the Sunny Dupree Award during the 2011-2012 academic year. Ms. Larsen and Ms. Garcia aimed to look at individuals working in the anti-human trafficking sector with the concept of knowledge management (KM) and its benefits. Working with their client, UN.GIFT (Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking), they sought to lay groundwork for the
emergence of a common format and method of knowledge collection which will promote a streamlined approach to knowledge management across the sector. The research also demonstrated the benefits of knowledge management such as increased accessibility to valuable information; improved productivity; and data-based programming and better-informed policy development.

More about the Sunny Dupree PAE Award

The Sunny Dupree PAE (Policy Analysis Exercise) Award was established by Kathryn Wasserman Davis and Sunny Dupree, in the fall of 2008, in an effort to support global peace through combating human trafficking. In order to create an impact through future student anti-trafficking activists and policymakers, Mrs. Davis and Ms. Dupree established this generous student award for Masters in Public Policy (MPP) students who focused their PAEs on human trafficking.

The PAE is a “thesis-like” project that is a mandatory requirement for all MPP students at HKS. The PAE allows students to analyze real world problems for actual clients under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Each of the awards will be named in honor of Sunny Dupree, whose concern for human trafficking triggered this project support.

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