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An Archive of HRE-Related News Stores from the Current Year


Felisa Tibbitts November 28: Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts will be facilitating a session and presenting in two human rights-related side events at the Council of Europe conference "Human Rights and Democracy in Action - Looking Ahead" in Strasbourg, France.
Felisa Tibbitts September 24: Press Release, OSCE, Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts presented the OSCE Human Rights Education Guidelines for Secondary Schools at the Human Dimensions Meeting in Warsaw.
Felisa Tibbitts August 7: Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts held three human rights education-related events at the International Institute for Studies of Race, Reconciliation and Social Justice at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.
Felisa Tibbitts June 27: Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts co-facilitated a one-week course in collaboration with the Irish Human Rights Commission for the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Rights Education at the Lucerne University of Teacher Education.
Felisa Tibbitts June 6: Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts will be presenting the keynote at Stanford University's Human Rights Education Institute Symposium on June 9th. This program promotes the infusion of HRE within community colleges in northern California.
Felisa Tibbitts April 28: Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts presented on the concluding panel of the Human Rights Education Symposium in Lucerne, Switzerland , which was sponsored by the Centre of Human Rights Education of the University of Teacher Education.
The Human Rights in Education Program April 20: Intercultural Glossary Education Project. Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts and students from her HGSE course are participating in this online Project in tandem with the Teacher Education University of Lucerne (Switzerland) from April 16-27th. Sponsored by the European Wergeland Centre.
Felisa Tibbitts April 16: UN University for Peace, Carr Center Fellow Felisa Tibbitts taught a two-week course "Human Rights in Education" at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica (March 19-30), attended by graduate students from a dozen countries.
Felisa Tibbitts January 16: Cedar Rapids, Iowa:, Felisa Tibbitts, Carr Center Fellow, was the keynote speaker for a faculty conference on teaching human rights at the University of Iowa, attended by over 50 faculty members and graduate students.