In the 2012-3 academic year, the Human Rights in Education Program will be undertaking the following research and writing projects.


  • Humanizing Pedagogy: Rights, Citizenship and Social Cohesion/Social Justice. This two-year project is being carried out with the International Institute for Studies of Race, Reconciliation and Social Justice at the University of the Free State (South Africa). In 2012-3, the project will result in the development of pedagogies with application in post-conflict, post-colonial environments. In 2013-4, related modules are scheduled to be piloted in various international settings.


  • Intercultural Education Glossary Project. In spring 2013, interested students from the Harvard community will participate in this online Project in tandem with the Teacher Education University of Lucerne (Switzerland). Sponsored by the European Wergeland Centre, this project explores contrasting definitions and perceptions of key educational terms on the basis of culture and experience.


Students with an interest in participating in any of the above projects are welcome to contact Felisa Tibbitts. Please note that all internships are unpaid.