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Right to Water and Sanitation Program August 6: The Human Rights to Water and Sanitation team from the Carr Center participated in a workshop organized by Harvard for K-12 teachers on Teaching Water: Global Perspectives on a Resource in Crisis. As part of a day focused on "Who Controls the Water? Water security and development," Fatima Mendikulova gave a talk on "Water and International Security in Central Asia." During a day focused on "Access to Water as a Human Right," Sharmila Murthy discussed "Who has access to water and what are the consequences?" and Mark Williams spoke on "Access to Safe Water in Ghana."
Sharmila Murthy June 26: Sharmila Murthy delivered a lecture on the "Key Principles of International Water Law" at the Water Diplomacy Workshop. An event jointly organized by Professors Shafiqul Islam of Tufts and Lawrence Susskind of MIT.
Sharmila Murthy June 14: Sharmila Murthy spoke at the World Bank's Community of Practice on Land in India seminar series in New Delhi on "Land Security and Water and Sanitation Rights in Mumbai Slums." Lead Urban Specialist Barjor Mehta moderated the talk, and Urban Specialist Augustin Maria served as the discussant. The talk was organized by Senior Social Development Specialist Shankar Narayanan and Vikram Raghavan of the Legal Vice-Presidency of the World Bank.
Sharmila Murthy May 30: Sharmila Murthy presented at the conference "Realizing the Goal of Water for Life: Lessons from Around the World," held at the National Law University of Delhi, India, and jointly organized with Lewis & Clark Law School. The talk was titled "Re-Examining Water and Ethnic Conflict in Central Asia through the Water Diplomacy Framework," and was based on an article in progress, co-authored with Fatima Mendikulova, also of the Carr Center.

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Book: Water Governance May 29: The recently published book "Water Governance: An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures" contains a chapter that Sharmila Murthy co-authored with STPP Associate Arani Kajenthira on "Urban Water Challenges in the MENA Region: Integrating Islamic Principles with Demand Management Strategies."

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Sharmila Murthy May 18: A day-long seminar on "The Role of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Helping Decision-Makers Meet Food, Energy and Water (FEW) Needs" was organized jointly by Carr Center Fellow Sharmila Murthy and Laura Pereira, Patricia Guardabassi, Eunjee Lee, Chao Zhang, Alicia Harley and Scott Moore, all Fellows in the Sustainability Science Program at HKS. Participants included technologists, academics, social entrepreneurs, former government officials and representatives from multi-lateral organizations, such as the United Nations. The event was supported by Harvard's Sustainability Science Program and Italy's Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea.
Right to Water and Sanitation Program May 2: Professor Annette Huber-Lee of Tufts University and Nidal al-Azraq, a Palestinian refugee with extensive social service experience, shared their experiences working to improve access to adequate and safe water for Palestinians in the West Bank.
Sharmila Murthy April 29: Sharmila Murthy gave a talk on the "Social, Legal and Political Dimensions of Water" at a week-long seminar for U.S. and South Asian leaders on "Charting the Water Future of South Asia" which was jointly organized by the HKS Executive Education Program, the HKS National Security Program, the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, and the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies.

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Right to Water and Sanitation Program April 18: Dr. Rishi Rattan of Physicians for Haiti delivered a talk at the Carr Center on the UN, cholera and drinking water crisis in Haiti, focusing on the role of advocacy to translate technical expertise into tangible change.
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy March 28: Olivier Donat Andriamahefaparany, who served in numerous high-ranking positions in the Malagasy government, gave a talk at the Carr Center that examined the water and sanitation challenges of Madagascar.
Sharmila Murthy March 22: Sharmila Murthy spent World Water Day at a celebration organized by the Indian NGO Gramalaya at the National Institute for Water and Sanitation in Tamil Nadu, India.
Mathias Risse March 8: Harvard Kennedy School News, Mathias Risse, Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy and core faculty at the Carr Center, argues in a new working paper, "The Human Right to Water and Common Ownership of the Earth," that humanity's shared possession of our planet provides a philosophical foundation for a right to water and sanitation.
Right to Water and Sanitation Program March 7: MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind spoke at the Carr Center about the need to involve civil society in water management decisions during times of great uncertainty.
Right to Water and Sanitation Program March 5: In a talk hosted by the Carr Center, Rio de Janeiro State University Professor Ana Paula de Barcellos explored the role of the courts in improving access to sanitation in Brazil.
Sharmila Murthy February 16: Carr Center Fellow Sharmila Murthy spoke on a panel that examined land and water rights in India at the Harvard HPAIR 2013 Asia Conference. Also on the panel were Namita Wahi and Jasdeep Randhawa. The panel was moderated by Erum Sattar.
Mathias Risse January 28: On December 7 and 8, 2012, Professor Mathias Risse of Harvard Kennedy School, Professor Tyler Giannini of Harvard Law School and Sharmila Murthy of the Carr Center organized a thought-provoking inter-disciplinary Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar on "The Human Rights to Water and Sanitation: From Theory to Practice."