Felipe Michelini: A New LATAM HR Agenda

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
4:00 - 5:30 pm
Weil Town Hall (Belfer Building, ground floor)
Harvard Kennedy School of Government

A New Latin American
Human Rights Agenda
in the Making?

a presentation by

Felipe Michelini

Legislator, Chamber of Representative, Uruguayan Congress
Professor, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay


Latin America as region has overcome authoritarian regimes and systematic human rights violations. Democracy and a pledge to adjust state actions to human rights are the current government discourses. Still there are particular situations not adjusting to international human rights standards, including how to deal with recent past abuses. However, in the recently years a new agenda of human rights issues in a broad sense have been raised by governments, academy and civil society. The Southern Cone has been very active in matters like same sex marriage, drugs policy, children and migration among others. The presentation will give an up date of recent developments in this region. Also it will address the relationship among present and past agenda, and itl will explore the impact of these issues on the future.

Felipe Michelini is currently legislator in the Chamber of Representative in Uruguayan Congress and Professor at the Universidad de la Republica in Uruguay. He has been Under-Secretary of State/Vice-Minister for Education and Culture as well as Acting Minister for Education and Culture in his country. Also Vice-President of the Executive Board of UNESCO, President of the Delegated Committee of the Conference of Ministers of Justice of Ibero-American Countries, and a member of the Human Rights Advocates Program of the Columbia University Center for the Study of Human Rights. He has a long list of publications and reports, including ‘An Introduction to International Law on the Protection of Human Rights’), co-authored with Analía Banfi, Fundación de Cultura Universitaria, and a Special Report to the Observatory for Public Policies on Human Rights in MERCOSUR countries