Future Goals & Partners

The Project’s future goals, in addition to advancing the concept within U.S. Department of Defense channels, include deeper consideration of MARO at policy levels and among potential international audiences. Main areas of future work include the following:

Developing New Research, Planning, & Training Materials: We have identified areas of further MARO-related research, training, and education needs in war colleges and elsewhere, and additional products that would be useful for the planning community. These include planners’ desires for specified and implied tasks lists, lists of capacities of other agencies, and other types of “checklists.”

Expanding Our Work Beyond the Military: Beyond the military, an important next step for the Project is harmonizing interagency roles, vision, training, preparation, planning, and labor division for a MARO to include addressing issues within policy circles. This could include adapting the tabletop exercises and planning documents for civilians, both in government and in NGOs.

Expanding Our Work Beyond the U.S.: For a variety of reasons, the MARO Project’s efforts have been initially U.S.-centric. As the Project continues to expand awareness within the U.S., one of the MARO Project’s next steps will be to extend the dialogue internationally through committed national governments but also through regional and international institutions such as the AU and the UN. Another critical and ongoing part of the MARO Project is working with the growing international community of practice and interest, particularly as the global norms of “responsibility to protect” and “protection of civilians” are taking shape.

As part of the future goals of the MARO Project, we will be expanding our network of collaboration and building new partnerships with governmental, academic, and non-governmental organizations, both inside and outside of the US.