MARO-Related Documents from Other Sources

Director of National Intelligence, January 31, 2012:

The Director of National Intelligence released "Unclassified Statement for the Record on the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence," which includes a section on mass atrocities. This section discusses the mass atrocity situations in Sudan, the Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, and most recently in Syria and Libya and also the important role the U.S. Intelligence Community will play in the Atrocity Preventions Board that was called to be established in the PSD-10.

Open the "Unclassified Statement for the Record on the
 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community
 for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,"
Jan 31, 2012.

Stanley Foundation Conference, October 2011:

The Stanley Foundation hosted the 52st Strategy for Peace Conference in October 2011, attended by MARO Project Director Sally Chin. The conference discussed the U.S. government’s efforts regarding mass atrocity and genocide prevention and involved roundtable discussions on the topics of atrocities and the QDDR, nuclear security and summit diplomacy, and strengthening WMD security. Sally Chin participated in the Atrocities, Conflict, and QDDR roundtable discussion; the roundtable’s policy memo can be found here.

Open the Stanley Foundation Conference Report, Oct 2011.

United States Army Functional Concept for Protection: 2016-2028 TRADOC Pam 525-3-5, October 13, 2010:

The U.S. Army Functional Concept for Protection addresses MARO in its discussion of full-spectrum operations. "Future Army forces must be prepared to conduct MARO as part of full-spectrum operations. In support of mass atrocity response operations, the future force must have the capability to protect a certain group (the victims) from another group (the perpetrators)."

More on TRADOC Pam 525-3-5, October 13, 2010.

National Defense University Press, September 1, 2010:  

A Research Paper from the Africa Center for Strategic Studies published by the National Defense University Press, “Enhancing Civilian Protection in Peace Operations: Insights from Africa” by Paul D. Williams, discusses civilian protection challenges in Africa and analyzes how to enhance political and military options. This paper references the MARO Project's Military Planning Handbook as “the most useful current thinking on military protection” since it fills a doctrinal gap and proposes military approaches to civilian protection.

Open "Enhancing Civilian Protection in Peace
 Operations: Insights from Africa."

United States Army Operating Concept: 2016-2028 TRADOC Pam 525-3-1, August 19, 2010:

For the first time ever, the Army Operating Concept specifically addresses MARO and references Mass Atrocity Response Operations: A Military Planning Handbook. "Future Army forces must be prepared to conduct a mass atrocity response operation (MARO) as part of full-spectrum operations. MARO depends on the detection and prevention of genocide, and if prevention fails, seeks to halt the violence as quickly as possible to set conditions for lasting peace."

More on TRADOC Pam 525-3-1, August 19, 2012.

RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) Journal, June 2010:

TRADOC Commanding General Martin Dempsey, in the annual Kermit Roosevelt Exchange Lecture, discusses mass atrocity response as part of the US military's “wide area security” mission set. [RUSI Journal Issue: Jun 2010, Vol. 155, No. 3]

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Learning: Avoiding the Failure of Imagination."