Reviews of the Handbook

“The Handbook is a superb reference for dealing with intervention to prevent or stop violence
against innocent civilians. It is an innovative, thorough, and well-thought-out work that provides
substantive direction for military leaders facing this kind of demanding mission.”
  - GENERAL (retired) ANTHONY C. ZINNI, Former Commander, US Central CommandCommand
  “Sarah Sewall and her team have produced an impressive contribution that shifts the debate on intervention from ‘whether' to ‘how.' With this critical recognition that mass atrocities present unique operational challenges, ‘MARO' is a step closer to incorporation into military doctrine. National governments and the international community badly need the MARO framework as an effective template for ‘soft' and ‘hard' power responses before, during, and after preventable mass atrocities are committed.”
  - Senator (Retired Lieutenant General) Roméo A. Da llaire, Canadian Forces,
     Former Force Commander United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda
“The MARO Project provides a solid framework for Geographic Combatant Commander development of contingency plans for mass atrocity situations. Tailored ‘on the shelf' plans would be invaluable in increasing speed of framing the problem and developing appropriate response.”
  - Major General (Retired) Geoffrey C. Lambert, US Army, Former Commander,
    US Army Special Forces Command
  “An important addition to the very limited and fragmented body of work related to the subject of
atrocities in our time. Well done.”
  - General (Retired) Gordon R. Sullivan, US Army, Former Chief of Staff of the US Army
“The MARO Handbook should be on every planner's bookshelf in between Stability Operations
and Joint Publication 5-0. The analytical framework within is superb and provides a ‘mental pegboard'
in which to frame and understand the dynamic complexity of a mass atrocity environment. Beyond
understanding the problem, the Handbook provides the building blocks and precepts of military planning
for focused and effective intervention.”
  - Colonel Richard Richardson, US Army, Plans Division Chief (J35), US European Command