"SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home"


Wednesday, September 19, 2012,
4:30 - 6:30 pm, 
Wiener Auditorium  (Taubman, ground floor)

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Screening of the documentary

SERVICE: When Women Come Marching Home

Followed by a panel discussion with


Paula Caplan, Ph.D.
 Clinical psychologist and Associate at the Dubois Institute, Harvard University.

Patricia Lee Stotter
Emmy Award winning composer and co-producer of Service: When Women Come Marching Home.

Susan Burke
Litigator and leader in effort to reform the manner of military prosecution of rape and sexual assault.

Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D. (moderator)
Director, Program on Sexuality, Gender and Human Rights.


A  screening of the inspiring documentary “SERVICE – When Women Come Marching Home” about women warriors in their most fierce and intimate battle to overcome visible and invisible wounds. It will be followed by a panel discussion with one of the two film makers, Patricia Lee Stotter, a lawyer and leader in the effort to reform how the military prosecutes rape and sexual assault, Susan Burke, and a clinical psychologist, Dr. Paula Caplan, who is an expert on the trauma of war and how veterans recover from it.

More on the film, including trailers and interviews:

Alexis and her Service dog Sooner

 About the panelists:

Paula J. Caplan, Associate at Harvard's DuBois Institute, is a clinical and research psychologist, author of 12 nonfiction books, and award-winning playwright. Her latest book is When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home: How All of Us Can Help Veterans, won three awards, including the prestigious PROSE Award for best psychology book of 2011 in the Association of American Publishers Competition. Earlier this month, the Institute for Violence, Abuse, and Trauma gave her a Lifetime Achievement in Advocacy Award for her work on behalf of people traumatized by violence, including by war.

Patricia Lee Stotter is an Emmy Award winning composer and writer . She has composed music for everything from Sesame Street  and HBO/PBS documentaries to theatre and interactive media. Patty began producing projects about invisible disabilities  after 9/11. She is co-producer  of  today's film Service:When Women Come Marching Home and Director of all of Service's related social media.

Susan Burke is a trial lawyer with her own firm in Washington DC. She has taken a leading role in bringing a series of lawsuits tackling the military’s failures to prosecute rape and sexual assault. She also represents servicemembers seeking justice from KBR, which destroyed their health by negligent operation of open air burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Timothy Patrick McCarthy (moderator), is Directr of the Carr Center's Sexuality, Gender and Human Rights Program. More information about Dr. McCarthy can be found here.