Fall 2013

Study Group

The Global Movement to
End Violence Against Women

This study group will explore global efforts toward women fully realizing their human right to personal safety and freedom from oppression. We will read and hear from a diverse group of women and men working on the issue from many different vantage points, including activists, attorneys, scholars, UN officials, and women leaders working on the ground in western developed nations and the global south including some of the world’s most dangerous places.

Readings will be a rich combination of legal scholarship, case studies, and practical, hands-on tips for building effective campaigns. This study group will immerse participants in the global debate around what has worked, what hasn’t, and what more can be done to keep women and girls safe. Readings will range from 20-50 pages per session. You are invited to attend and impact the global movement to end violence against women.

Study Group Leaders:

Lisa J. Shannon, Carr Center Fellow
office: R-112

Lisa Shannon

Vidya Sri, Carr Center Fellow
office: R-113

Vidya Sri

Past Study Group Schedule, Fall 2013

~ October 2013 ~
Oct. 2
4:30 PM
"The Current Legal Landscape" with Cheryl Thomas

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Oct. 16
4:45 PM
"Gaps in the Current Legal Framework" with Jackie Jones

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~ November 2013 ~
Nov. 6
4:15 PM
"Frontlines Case Study 1: Sexual Violence in the New Somalia" with Fartun Adan and Ilwad Elman

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Nov. 20
4:15 PM
"Frontlines Case Study 2: Forced Marriage in the United States" with Vidya Sri 

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~ December 2013 ~
Dec. 4
4:15 PM
"Frontlines Case Study 3: Delhi Gang Rape Case" with Rajashree Ghosh

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