Topic Bibliographies:

This page contains links to several bibliographies of human rights materials and materials relating to current areas of Carr Center research. In most cases, they were compiled through the voluntary efforts of their respective authors, and are not Carr Center products. They are provided here for informational purposes only and no endorsement by the Carr Center, its fellows or faculty of the materials referenced is expressed or implied.

Many thanks to the authors for the tremendous effort involved in compiling these materials and for their generosity in sharing their work with others in the field.

Topic Author
A general bibliography of human rights monographs. Sally Stewart
The Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography Christian Bleuer, a Ph.D. student at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (Middle East and Central Asia) at The Australian National University.


Personal Bibliographies:

Listings of publications, video and audio files, as well as newspaper and magazine pieces are available for some Carr Center faculty and fellows. Please note that these are not complete bibliographies of these individual's work. The listings only reflect material that has been entered into the Carr Center's publications data base, usually so that it will appear on the Center's web site. Nonetheless, these listings can still provide an interesting, albeit incomplete, overview of that person's work.  Go to the Personal Bibliographies page.