Carr Center Working Papers Series

Works-in-progress by Fellows, students, and others.

What is the Carr Working Papers Series?

Welcome to the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Working Papers venue. We are pleased to provide a forum for disseminating works-in-progress reflecting the range of research activities of Carr Center Fellows, staff, and students. You may view abstracts of papers or download the full text of papers in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

You should be aware that the Harvard Kennedy School also has a Faculty Research Working Paper Series. That collection, which is for faculty works only, is completely separate from this, Carr Center facility. Do not expect, therefore, to find faculty research listed here unless the research was initiated by Fellows, staff, or students and they invited a faculty member to be a co-author.

In addition to unpublished works, the Working Papers Series may also present works of Fellows, staff, and students, which have already been published. In such cases, we will identify those articles and note where they have already appeared. Such materials are included explicitly at the author's request as a reflection of their desire to solicit additional feedback and discussion.

Guidelines for Submission

Any current Fellow (including Associates and Affiliates) of the Carr Center, any current Research Assistant or Associate affiliated with Carr Center Faculty, any current Carr Center staff or interns including students may submit their work for potential publication on this site. All work submitted will be reviewed for suitability before being posted. To submit a paper for consideration please email an electronic version to Please be sure to title your email “WORKING PAPERS SUBMISSION” and include any relevant contact and background information so we may adequately asses your submission. Published papers remain under the author's control and may be updated or withdrawn at any time at the author's request.

Current Submissions:     (click link to view abstract)

Federica D'Alessandra, Human Rights and Alternative Legality in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Federica D'Alessandra, The Psychological Consequences of Becoming a Child Soldier: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression, and Other Forms of Impairment
Vidya Sri and Darakshan Raja, Voices from the Frontline: Addressing forced marriage within the United States
Paula J. Caplan and Jordan C. Ford, The Voices of Diversity: What Students of Diverse Races/Ethnicities and Both Sexes Tell Us About Their College Experiences and Their Perceptions About their Institutions’ Progress Toward Diversity
Kaur, Mallika, The Bane of the French Ban
Dharmapuri, Sahana, A Survey of UN 1325 National Action Plan Mechanisms for Implementation, Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation
Semple, Michael, The Taliban Movement and prospects for reconciliation in Afghanistan
Felisa Tibbitts, Bonnie Docherty, Dan Kuwali et al., Improving the Protection of Civilians in Situations of Armed Conflict
Mansfield, David, Managing Concurrent and Repeated Risks: Explaining the Reductions in Opium Production in Central Helmand between 2008 and 2011
Semple, Michael, Rhetoric of Resistance in the Taliban's Rebel Ballads
Mansfield, David, The Ban on Opium Production across Nangarhar - A Risk too far?
Vivas, Leonardo, The Battle of Ideas in the Chavez Revolution
Prasse-Freeman, Elliott, Policy Memo: The UN's on-going and (necessarily) evolving role in Burma/Myanmar
Prasse-Freeman, Elliott, Around, not within, Burma’s 2010 Elections
Russell, Gerard, Afghanistan (Non-paper for UN Security Council Retreat in Istanbul)
Mansfield, David, Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Assessing the Sustainability of Current Reductions in Opium Production in Afghanistan
Waldman, Matt, Golden Surrender? The Risks, Challenges, and Implications of Reintegration in Afghanistan