2013-14 Academic Year

Journal Article: “Grounds for exclusion in refugee law: the problem with the concept of extended liability in international criminal law,” Federica D'Alessandra, Carr Center Fellow, 2013-14 - International Bar Association: Human Rights Law Newsletter, May 1, 2014.
Carr Working Papers Series: “Human Rights and Alternative Legality in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” Federica D'Alessandra, Carr Center Fellow, 2013-14 - April 1, 2014.
Carr Working Papers Series: “The Psychological Consequences of Becoming a Child Soldier: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression, and Other Forms of Impairment,” Federica D'Alessandra, Carr Center Fellow, 2013-14 - March 10, 2014.
Journal Article: “Battle for Sex?: Protecting Sexual(ity) Rights in Africa,” Dan Kuwali, 2008-09 Carr Center Fellow - Human Rights Quarterly, March 1, 2014.
Working Paper: “Three Images of Trade: On the Place of Trade in a Theory of Global Justice,” Mathias Risse, Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy and Carr Center Core Faculty - February 15, 2014.
Interview: “Intimate Politics: The Personal and Political Revisited,” Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy and Director, Sexuality, Gender & Human Rights Program - The Huffington Post, January 22, 2014.
Conference Report: “Report from the Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar on the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation: From Theory to Practice,” Sharmila Murthy, Carr Center Fellow, 2010-12 - Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University December 7, 2013.
Speech/Lecture: “Keynote Address: 'In Our Midst: Slavery Unmasked',” Siddharth Kara, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy; Director, Program on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery - 2013 Najarian Lecture on Human Rights, Faneuil Hall, Boston October 24, 2013.
Carr Working Papers Series: “Voices from the Frontline: Addressing forced marriage within the United States,” Vidya Sri, Carr Center Fellow, 2013-14 - October 4, 2013.