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New: Do Women Always Help Women? Rohini Pande's research in the Crimson

New: Ricardo Hausmann at WEF Latin America 2014

New: Fake seeds force Ugandan farmers to resort to 'bronze age' agriculture David Yanagizawa-Drott's research in the Guardian

New: Why are Rich Countries Democratic? Ricardo Hausmann for Project Syndicate

UK's neglected regions could be fired up by the power of imagination Growth Lab research on Implied Comparative Advantage in the Guardian

CID, ICSS to study Sports Complexity and Governance Indicators

The Slow Track to Happiness EPoD's research on religion/economy in Foreign Policy

CID Ranked 2nd Best International Development Think Tank


New: An Ends-Means Approach to Looking at Governance Matt Andrews

New: Do Good Intentions Matter? Experimental Evidence on how Citizens Respond to Promises of Government Service Delivery Asim Khwaja, et al

New: Marriage, education and assortative mating in Latin America Ina Gangulia, Ricardo Hausmann & Martina Viarengo in Applied Economics Letters

Trillions Gained and Lost: Estimating the Magnitude of Growth Episodes Lant Pritchett

Can one retell a Mozambican reform story through Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation? Matt Andrews

The risks to education systems from design mismatch and global isomorphism Lant Pritchett

Implied Comparative Advantage R. Hausmann, C. Hidalgo, D. Stock and M. Yildirim

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Visualize world trade markets and identify growth opportunities by country and industry


New: Feb/Mar: India's Particulate Problem; Implied Comparative Advantage; and The Risks to Education Systems

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