News & Events

August 2012: EPoD delivers training on impact evaluation for Asian policymakers in Bangkok

July 2012: Rema Hanna contributes to Ideas for India

June 2012: Asim Khwaja launches action research on how to best support private schools for the rural poor in Pakistan, in the Daily Times

May 2012: EPoD members contribute to the Sustainability Science Program's conference on Industrial Pollution, Regulation and Growth, San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy

January 2012: Rohini Pande and Ben Olken on developing country corruption, in Vox

September 2011: Rohini Pande et al on the Ill-Effects of Corruption, in The Hindu Business Line

July 2011: Rema Hanna produces review of anti-corruption policy for DFID

December 2010: Microcredit is not the enemy, Rohini Pande, Asim Khwaja et al in the Financial Times

August 2010: Towards an Emissions Trading Scheme for Air Pollutants in India, Rohini Pande and co-authors contribute concept note for India's Ministry of Environment and Forests

January 2010: Asim Khwaja on Disaster Response Following Haiti's Earthquake, in The Boston Globe

September 2009: Do Teachers Discriminate Against Minorities in India? Rema Hanna and Leigh Linden in Vox

June 2009: The Madrassa Myth, Asim Khwaja et al in Foreign Policy

January 2009: Can Political Affirmative Action for Women Reduce Gender Bias? Rohini Pande et al in Vox

December 2008: Asim Khwaja on the impact of the Hajj, in The Economist

May 2008: Mecca and Moderation, Asim Khwaja et al in the International Herald Tribune

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