Social Innovation

Since its founding in 2000, the Center for Public Leadership has worked to prepare students of exceptional promise to be the next generation of leaders—leaders who are “fit for purpose,” leaders equipped to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, leaders with the skills and expertise to work across sectors, boundaries, and differences to make the world a better place. To achieve that, we foster faculty research and teaching across the leadership spectrum and have launched highly successful fellows programs for graduate students that use a transformative approach to develop the new generation of talented, more effective public leaders.

In Summer 2013, when CPL merged with the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, the School for the first time brought the vast majority of HKS faculty and research in the social sector—social entrepreneurship, community organizing, nonprofits, and philanthropy—under one roof. CPL already had a stake in social change through a significant bequest by Alan Gleitsman, which funds the student-facing Gleitsman Program in Leadership for Social Change. With this merger, the Center is poised not only to foster the public-sector research for which Hauser is well-known, but also to develop a steady stream of talented young leaders to serve the growing social sector.